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All Midori apps are available for the Data Center versions of Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket

Data Center is an advanced deployment option from Atlassian that makes it possible to run Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence or Bitbucket on multiple servers (clusters) rather than just a single server. This clustered environment is designed for seamless scalability of teams and applications, while also having a strategy for balancing workload across servers, and for upgrading without downtime and lost productivity.

High-performing teams and companies around the world rely on Atlassian Data Center to run their business-critical software on a robust platform that also reacts quickly to technical or geographic challenges.

When it comes to discussing the Data Center compatibility of our apps, we never miss a chance to tell that all Midori apps have already been Data Center compatible for years!

What happened to Data Center apps in 2018?

Before the 2018 Summit in Barcelona, it was the app vendor's sole responsibility to verify if their app works correctly in Data Center deployments.

At Summit, Atlassian announced a major revision of the Data Center program. In the revised program, among other changes, also the Atlassian engineering team will validate Data Center apps. Those apps that meet the program's criteria will be officially marked with the "Data Center Approved" title.

At Summit, Midori joined a distinguished group of app vendors as launch partners for the announcement of the program. Better Content Archiving for Confluence was among the apps that were already Data Center Approved by that time.

Following the festivities of Summit, we continued working with Atlassian:

  1. First, Atlassian engineers conducted a general, but careful review of our apps' architecture through a detailed technical questionnaire.

  2. The next step was a rigorous load and scale testing, where we bombarded our apps with a heavy workload, that resembles (or even massively exceeds!) the real-life environment of a large organization.

  3. After successfully passing these tests, we submitted our apps for approval one by one. The engineers responsible for inspecting the candidate apps really took their job seriously and further scrutinized the tiniest details in our apps. We kept up a fast messaging loop and worked together with them on their every question, giving reassuring answers to their concerns.

The last app, Better Commit Policy for Jira got approved just before Christmas Eve (as the perfect Christmas present for an Atlassian Marketplace Vendor). With that, we gained the official status of Data Center Approved for all of our apps.

What changes?

  1. There is a new deployment type available from the drop-down menu on the Marketplace listing of every Midori app:

    A new deployment option for Data Center is available on the Atlassian Marketplace listing of all Midori apps

  2. In our conversations during the approval process, we also received a few good ideas and improvement suggestions from Atlassian, that were also applicable to the Server versions of some of our apps. We took those to heart and together with the Data Center Approved versions, we also released a new Server version where we thought it would add value. This way both deployment types benefited from this Data Center approval process.

What remains the same?

  1. From an end-user or user experience point-of-view, nothing changes: at the moment, there are no differences in features between the Server and the Data Center versions of an app.

  2. The way to reach our technical support stays the same, as well as our SLA. What also doesn't change is the speed at which we resolve support requests and give a helping hand when needed.

For Solution Partners

If you are an Atlassian Solution Partner, we encourage you to recommend Midori apps for companies that face growth in the future and want to prepare for the challenges that it brings. Also, you can confidently pitch Midori solutions to customers already running Data Center versions of Jira, Confluence or Bitbucket, as it will seamlessly fit into their current toolset.

If you are new to the Midori apps, reach out to us for pointers on where to start and how to learn about our products.

Official Data Center Approved versions of Midori apps

Visit the Midori apps on the Atlassian Marketplace!


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