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How to export a sprint report from Jira

What is a Jira sprint report?

A Jira sprint report is a summary of an agile sprint's progress. It helps to understand the current status of the sprint. A sprint report lives inside Jira Software as a built-in report. You can export sprint report to Excel to perform further analysis. A Jira sprint report by user is also easy to create as you will see below.

A Jira sprint report contains the following details:

  • The sprint progress on a burndown chart
  • A list of completed and incomplete issues
  • The issues added after the sprint start
  • The sprint report displays issues with their keys and summary. Additional issue fields are also displayed, like issue type, priority, status, and story points.
  • Jira sprint reports are not available for every board type, only for scrum boards in Jira Software.

To find the built-in Jira sprint report:

  1. Navigate to a Jira project.
  2. Open "Reports" on the left-side menu.
  3. Select the sprint report from the agile reports.

Sprint report in Jira Software - No export options here

How to export sprint report from Jira?

To export sprint report to Excel from Jira:

  1. Open the active sprint board.
  2. Select the "..." menu.
  3. Choose a Jira Software specific report.

Alternative to exporting the Jira sprint board, you can collect your issues in the Issue Navigator and export from there. See below the different Jira sprint report versions provided by Better Excel Exporter.

When to use a Jira sprint report?

Jira sprint reports go by different names depending on the purpose and goal one wants to achieve with them.

They are called Jira sprint status report or Jira sprint progress report when the report is generated about an ongoing sprint. A Jira sprint review report is used for retrospectives of closed sprints.

Jira sprint report for retrospective

A Jira sprint report is useful for retrospective meetings, to analyze and learn from closed sprints. The team uses the retrospective sprint report to understand how their planned effort compares to the completed work in the sprint.

A Committed vs. completed report is a Jira sprint retrospective report. It comes built-in with Better Excel Exporter when you start a free trial.

You can export it right from the Jira sprint board. You can include and compare more sprints if you export from the Issue Navigator.

Jira sprint report for a mid-sprint progress check

If the sprint has not ended yet, you can use a Jira sprint status report. It answers the question "How is the sprint coming along?".

The Sprint Status Excel report in Better Excel Exporter allows you to create a comparison pivot report from sprint size and issue statuses.

Jira sprint report by user

A Jira sprint report by user is super easy to create with a small modification of the Committed vs Completed report.

To create a Jira sprint report by user change the report as follows:

  1. Open the Committed vs. Completed report.
  2. Include the "Assignee" field on the pivot table.
  3. Set the "Assignee" field as filter for the pivot table.
  4. Select the user you want to see the report for.

Jira sprint report by user created with Better Excel Exporter for Jira

Export Jira burndown chart to Excel

It's not possible to export Jira sprint burndown chart to Excel or otherwise recreate it without scripting. There is a workaround: export your sprint burndown chart to PDF instead!

Jira sprint report case study

SkyTouch Technology is a leader in hospitality technology solutions. Their main product is a cloud-based property management system that many hotels around the world choose as a platform to operate their businesses on.

Jorge Pino, a technical project manager at SkyTouch Technology explained how they create Jira Sprint Review report using the Better Excel Exporter app. Copy what they are doing and save hours on creating Jira Excel reports!

Jira Project Management Organization (PMO) dashboard

This is a monthly report that the PM organization at SkyTouch runs to show how work estimation stacks up against actual efforts. This report is a variation of a Jira sprint report for retrospective. It contains stories completed over a month time, the story point values, and how much time it took to complete those stories.

Jorge noticed that multiple people spend more than an hour gathering everything from Jira and combine into one Excel sheet. Now they use Better Excel Exporter to create a Jira sprint report.

Excel pivot chart for visualizing logged time across task types (illustration)

Jira estimated vs. actual time report

Another typical use case Jorge tells about is a Jira sprint report that takes in only done stories of a past sprint. This report takes the Jira sprint history and aggregates the developers' estimated time vs. the actual time spent on each story. The Excel template calculates the original estimates in one column and aggregates the logged time in another.

This biweekly report is a version of the Committed vs. Completed report, only that it takes the hours spent into account instead of story points. It allows the developer team and stakeholders to understand how their estimates align with the actual efforts spent on tasks. Gaps are discussed with the developer team, so bottlenecks in the development process can be addressed.

"If an 8-pointer takes us the same amount of time as a 13-pointer, we are missing something in those stories", explains Jorge.

Jira estimated vs actual time values from Excel to create a PPT presentation for managers

Once Jorge has the numbers in an exported Excel spreadsheet, he copy-pastes it to a table in a PPT presentation he prepares for managers.

Email Jira sprint report with automation

Jira sprint reports can be automated to save time. Currently, this only works for Jira Data Center and Server.

Better Excel Automation adds Excel-related automation actions to Automation for Jira. Available automation actions are "Send Excel", "Save Excel", and "Attach Excel".

Once you settled on a Jira sprint report that you want to use, you can use the "Send Excel" action to periodically email Jira sprint reports.

Ready-to-use Jira sprint report templates, easy-to-follow documentation, and automation make Better Excel Exporter for Jira a super valuable project management tool.

Watch our webinar with SkyTouch Technology

Want to see all this in action? Watch our webinar with SkyTouch to see how they use Jira sprint reports in their daily work!

Export Jira sprint reports to Excel


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