Export Zephyr test details to PDF

Better PDF Exporter is tightly integrated with Zephyr, the most popular test management app for Jira. Zephyr tests are "first-class citizens" in the PDF exports, meaning that similarly to Jira issues you can export all test-related information to PDF. It includes test case details (fields, attachments, comments, etc.), test steps, test executions and detailed step results during an execution.

This is an effortless technique to archive, document or share testing information with your peers using the industry-standard document format.

Next steps

Export samples

Zephyr test steps PDF export

This example shows the export of the Zephyr test steps (with the corresponding test data and expected result), augmented with regular Jira issue information, from field values through attachments to links.


Zephyr test executions PDF export

This Zephyr test PDF export also contains the executions of the test, in addition to the definition of that. If you care only about the executions, you can easily customize the PDF template and remove the unwanted parts.


Zephyr test step results PDF export

This is the most detailed example, exporting to PDF all Zephyr test executions and their step results. The document also includes the defects related to the test or to a single test step, plus the executor and the test execution time.