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Better Commit Policy for Bitbucket 2.1.0 released: support for multiple Jira instances, integration with Power Editor

We are pleased to announce that Better Commit Policy for Bitbucket 2.1.0 is available at Atlassian Marketplace!

Release highlights

Support for multiple linked Jira instances

In enterprise deployments, the same Bitbucket instance may be linked to multiple Jira instances. Although previous Better Commit Policy for Bitbucket versions never had problems in these scenarios, they always connected the first linked Jira instance for policy verification, which didn't really allow precise control.

From this release, you can explicitly select the Jira instance to use for policy verification:

Learn more about linking to multiple Jira's.

Integration with Power Editor

Power Editor is a super-useful Bitbucket app (developed by Mohami) that accelerates daily work. It enables making changes via the Bitbucket web interface in a way that eliminates the time consuming pull-edit-commit-push cycles just to fix that damn typo or source code comment. (Sounds familiar, right?)

Starting from this release, thanks to the Mohami team, Better Commit Policy is integrated with Power Editor. Every commit you make via Power Editor is verified against the commit policy the same exact way like the commits you make in your "real" Git client:

As a result, you can work super-fast without compromising the quality of your source code, changes, repo structure or history. Don't take our words, install and try this free for yourself!

Learn more about the Power Editor integration.

New "Getting Started" page

We added a "Getting Started" page to the app to help first-time evaluators. It can be visited from the hook configuration dialog or via the link at Repository settingsCommit policies.


  • Commit collector logic can tolerate loops (cycles) in commit sequences. (In theory, this should never happen, but in practice we have seen this in Git repositories converted from Subversion.)



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