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Better Commit Policy for Bitbucket 2.2.0 released: support for merge checks, support for project-level settings

We are pleased to announce that Better Commit Policy for Bitbucket 2.2.0 is available at Atlassian Marketplace!

Just some days after the 2.1.0 version, we are releasing 2.2.0, which introduces two super-important features at the cost of reducing the range of the compatible Bitbucket versions. To be precise: Better Commit Policy 2.2.0 requires Bitbucket 5.2 or newer.

Why two new app releases in such short timeframe?

Our goal was to ship those valuable features that can be implemented for pre-5.2 Bitbucket versions in app version 2.1.0. And then quickly follow 2.1.0 with 2.2.0, which ships additional features that require Bitbucket 5.2+ due to technical reasons. In other words, we wanted to create the largest possible value for all users, regardless they use some older or a modern Bitbucket version.

Release highlights

Merge checks (verifying pull requests against commit policies before merging)

From this app version, this is possible to verify pull requests before merging. It aims to reject those pull requests that would violate the commit policy applied to the target repository.

Technically speaking, the commits in the pull requests (i.e. the commits that would be merged to the target repository) are verified against the commit policy in the same fashion as the commits pushed to repository are. If the policy rejects the commits, the pull request cannot be merged:

Learn more about verifying pull requests.

Project-level settings

Hooks and merge checks enabled at the project level (in contrast to being enabled for individual repositories) can significantly reduce the administration work if:

  1. There are multiple repositories in the same Bitbucket project,
  2. ...and the same commit policy should be applied to all of those repositories.

In this case, this is sufficient to configure the hook or merge check only once for the whole project.

Learn more about project level hooks.



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