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Create custom Jira timesheet PDF documents from Tempo worklogs

In this final part of our blog series about exporting and reporting on Tempo Timesheets managed data, we look at creating your custom PDF documents. Start reading from the first, introductory part, or catch-up with the second part, where we discussed how you can report on Tempo Timesheets data in Excel!

If you use Tempo Timesheets, odds are that from time to time you also need to transform the worklogs along with other time tracking related data into a portable format. Either because you need to send your timesheet to a third-party who doesn't have access to your Jira instance (like a customer or business partner) or because your manager prefers a standalone timesheet document in her inbox whenever it's due.

PDF is the perfect file format to present your timesheet, because it's safe from unauthorized modifications, its look is freely customizable in case you want to add your personality, and so widely used even your grandma could open it if you sent her one.

Creating simple timesheet documents

The Better PDF Exporter for Jira app integrating with Tempo Timesheets means that the built-in templates it ships with are already prepared to handle data from Tempo Timesheets.

For example, if you export a single Jira issue into PDF that happens to have Tempo worklogs, those will be included in your PDF document export. What is more, if you are looking at your Timesheet view in the Tempo Timesheets app, you can choose the Timesheet (PDF) export option, provided by Better PDF Exporter, and have your nicely formatted timesheet PDF document downloaded right away.

Timesheet PDF document exported from Tempo Timesheets

To get started with the Tempo Timesheets PDF export options, you only need to make a few simple steps of configuration. The instructions are outlined for you in the Better PDF Exporter documentation as a clear and easy-to-follow step-by-step guide.

One-click invoice from Tempo worklogs

The power of the integration between Better PDF Exporter and Tempo Timesheets really shines when you turn Tempo-managed data into custom, purpose-built professional documents, like an invoice.

A sample invoice generated with Better PDF Exporter from Tempo Timesheets worklogs

The way you can create an invoice, is by customizing the timesheet-fo.vm template file provided by Better PDF Exporter and complete that with additional information. You can add your personalized branding or logo to the PDF document, define your hourly rate with the right currency to use, as well as any tax information or custom note for your customer, receiving the invoice.

To make it even more easier, you can have Better PDF Exporter automatically fill in the "Customer" or "To" section of the invoice based on the Tempo account set in the first issue to be exported.

Add automation to the equation

In many cases, these Jira time tracking reports and timesheet documents need to be created periodically, typically every week, every month or at certain checkpoints of an ongoing project.

To save time and be more efficient, you can automate the creation and the distribution of your Tempo Timesheets PDF exports using Better PDF Automation for Jira.

This is a free, lightweight app that lets you send your timesheet via email to the right person periodically, automatically create and save your timesheet document to the files system, or create an invoice on issue events, like when the last piece of work is shipped within a user story.


Better PDF Exporter is one of the most flexible PDF exporting and reporting Jira apps with powerful third-party app integrations, Tempo Timesheets being the most popular.

Many teams across SMBs and large enterprises use the app to expand the reporting capabilities of Tempo Timesheets, often paired with automated document generation and distribution. If you need more inspiration on what kind of documents you can create, check out the PDF export samples page.

Time is one of our most precious commodities and mastering it and communicating through high quality reports is an elusive goal for many professionals and companies. Make it happen with a smart combination of Tempo Timesheets and Better PDF Exporter.

Export easy Tempo Timesheets PDF documents from Jira!

This is the third, final part of a three part blog series on the integrations between Tempo Timesheets, Better Excel Exporter and Better PDF Exporter. To get the whole picture, start reading the first part.


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