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Can you tell if your Jira Service Desk agents are overworked?

BlueSun is a Spanish household care products manufacturing company, targeting their brands mainly for the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. BlueSun was founded 3 years ago when several consumer brands, earlier owned by Procter & Gamble, were consolidated under an umbrella brand.

Jira Service Desk was introduced last year to improve on how they serve internal users, specifically the employees working in the manufacturing plants. While Service Desk proved to be the perfect tool to take their support services to the next level, it lacked granular data on the agents' workload, let alone the ability to easily export it from Jira to Excel to analyze and report on.

Analyzing the support agents' workload

Juan Jose Castro is an IT Infrastructure Manager at BlueSun. He has been with the predecessor of BlueSun for 26 years, so he has 29 years in total at the company.

Juan, what project are you currently working on?

I'm involved in several projects related to my role: data communications between different systems, support services, and networking.

I'm always trying to improve our end-users' IT experience. To this end, we deployed Jira Service Desk in December of 2018 in BlueSun after looking into several options.

Take us back to the time when you discovered Better Excel Exporter. What was the business problem that made you look for a solution?

Jira Service Desk turned out to be a great investment, as it's an awesome tool to serve our internal end-users’ various IT needs. However, it was a bit weak on the data collection and reporting side. We need those detailed insights for visualizing and examining our support service data, especially our agent's workload.

So we searched the Atlassian Marketplace for an enterprise-grade app for analyzing Jira Service Desk data in Excel. We found Better Excel Exporter that was perfect to help us keep our IT KPI's under control.

Example Service Desk agent workload report at BlueSun

Why did you choose Better Excel Exporter?

We trusted all the satisfied customer's reviews and we were also convinced by those stories that even if we have some issues, the Midori team is readily available to address our problems. That gave us the confidence to evaluate Better Excel Exporter and test it in our system.

After we found it a perfect fit, we decided to go ahead and purchase it.

Tell us a good example of your Jira Service Desk to Excel export use cases!

Let me highlight just this one typical example: we're collecting our support agent's detailed worklogs and export them from Jira Service Desk to Excel with Better Excel Exporter. It's a detailed data export with ticket summaries, agent names, worklog details, and dates, but the app exports everything into a nicely formatted, native Excel spreadsheet. We can customize and explore the information there as we want, using Excel's built-in features.

Our goal is to have an understanding of how monthly workload is distributed among our agents, and verify that efforts are balanced evenly among them. We analyze the collected data and if we need to, we make decisions about redistributing tasks. We also use it for things like discovering the top 10 recurring problems for instance.

Service Desk pivot chart created with Better Excel Exporter (illustration)

What benefits does Better Excel Exporter bring in the above use case? How does it make your team or company more efficient?

Earlier, it would have been more circuitous to achieve this, and probably would have involved a combination of tools or workarounds, making it more expensive, also. Better Excel Exporter simply makes it easier to collect data from Jira Service Desk tickets, allowing us to focus on analyzing our results.

What's your message to anyone thinking about trying this app? What should they keep in mind?

I would say that it's very important to know what data you need and what's your goal with it. Keep your goal in mind when sharing your exported reports with your team and articulate what you want to achieve. Our research could be performed by one of the templates we received with the app.

But if your requirements are not covered by the built-in Excel templates, then "translate" your report into a well designed Better Excel Exporter template including all the data you need and voila! If you need a hand, reach out to the Midori Support.

Either way, you will have the report just like your managers wanted.

If you found Juan's example similar to your use case, give Better Excel Exporter a try in Jira Service Desk today!

Create your Jira Service Desk report now!


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