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Iconic animation studio cleans Confluence search

We delve into how one of the leading animation studios in the world transformed their Confluence with Better Content Archiving for Confluence.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Staphon Arnold, Content and Training Specialist at the company. He shared insights into their journey and the impact of implementing this powerful Confluence content lifecycle management app.

‚úč Staphon's team uses the Data Center version, but all this exists for Confluence Cloud as well! Read along and then start a free trial of Better Content Archiving for Confluence Cloud.

Meet Staphon: the Confluence expert

At the animation studio, Staphon plays a crucial role as the content and training specialist. As he tells in the video below, his primary responsibility is to ensure that everyone on campus utilizes Confluence effectively.

Staphon is known as the go-to expert for Confluence-related queries and provides training to both new and seasoned users.

"My role is to help everybody around campus use Confluence. I make sure everybody has the training they need, especially new users, and assist them in documenting their work. Additionally, I provide training on our technical treatment team", says Staphon.

The challenge: cleaning up search and documentation

When Staphon started in his role, he identified a significant challenge at the studio - a cluttered search and outdated documentation.

Better Content Archiving was installed, but underutilized due to a lack of expertise among the users. Consequently, search functionality suffered, making it difficult for employees to find relevant information.

"Our search was horrendous. Nobody could find anything because there was so much old documentation. We needed to clean up our search and documentation to enhance productivity", remembers Staphon.

To address the search and documentation challenges, Staphon decided to reengage Better Content Archiving and educate users.

The value Better Content Archiving creates

Implementing Better Content Archiving for Confluence brought significant value to the studio.

The app's primary benefit was cleaner search functionality. Employees could now easily locate relevant content and identify outdated information that needed archiving.

As their Confluence instance dates back to 2004, page archiving is crucial, and they don't like deleting things. Having an archive copy helps them reference past work while maintaining a clean search experience.

While the team doesn't have strict Confluence content lifecycle management rules, Staphon advises users to follow certain principles. He likens Confluence to a community garden, where everyone plays a role in its upkeep. Staphon encourages users to prune outdated content by archiving it, ensuring a thriving and organized knowledge base.

"I advise our users to avoid deleting things. Instead, use Confluence page statuses and archive content that is no longer actively used. Avoid making copies and prioritize a clean search experience", explains Staphon.

Staphon's message to you

For anyone considering Better Content Archiving for Confluence, Staphon has a clear message - give it a try! He emphasizes the importance of archiving old documentation to maintain a clutter-free Confluence and enable future references.

Staphon's team successfully transformed their Confluence with Better Content Archiving. By implementing page statuses, Confluence email notifications and automatic archiving, they cleaned up their search functionality, improved documentation management, and ensured a clutter-free knowledge base.

Staphon's expert guidance and the adoption of Better Content Archiving enabled the studio to streamline their workflows and enhance productivity.

If you're facing similar challenges with outdated documentation and inefficient search, follow in Staphon's footsteps and consider Better Content Archiving for Confluence.

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