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Better Excel Exporter for Jira

Full-blown native Excel reporting and data analysis for Jira
Customizable Excel exports for single issues, JQL filters, searches, versions and sprints.

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Better Excel Automation for Jira

Export, email & save Excel reports from Jira automatically
Custom Excel reports periodically or at issue created/updated/etc. events.

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Better PDF Exporter for Jira

Powerful PDF documents from Jira data
Customizable PDF export for single issues, JQL filters, searches, versions and sprints.

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Better PDF Automation for Jira

Export, email & save PDF documents from Jira automatically
Custom PDF exports periodically or at issue created/updated/etc. events.

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Better Content Archiving for Confluence

Effective Content Lifecycle Management for Confluence
Find and archive unused and expired pages to keep your information fresh and relevant.

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Better Commit Policy for Jira

Verify the commits pushed to Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories
Clear change histories, well-controlled repositories and improved processes via configurable commit rules.

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Better Commit Policy for Bitbucket

Verify the commits pushed to Bitbucket repositories
Clear change histories, well-controlled repositories and improved processes via configurable commit rules.

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Tracking time with Tempo Timesheets in Jira means getting things done - Part 1

It may not sound intuitive, but time tracking is one of the most fundamental and sought after features in Jira. While there is a built-in simple time tracking feature to add worklogs, the most popular and feature-rich solution is coming from Tempo. In her guest post for the Midori Blog, Sarah Fletcher from Tempo explains why do you need to start tracking your time at work and how you can also fulfill your reporting duties to your bosses. In the upcoming second and third part of this blog we will get the details on how you can turn your Tempo Timesheets worklogs into Excel reports or custom PDF documents. Read on and share this blog with team members who would also be interested.

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How Twitch (an Amazon company) made their Confluence leaner by automating the content review and archiving processes most probably rings familiar only for the video game fanatics, even after Amazon acquired the company in 2014. Their story is, however, much more than just a video game live streaming site. Running and improving a popular service like this requires a competent and able team of Technical Program Managers, that support the internal business units, maintain business applications and set up the conference room equipment if needed. We spoke to David Brown, Lead Technical Program Manager at Twitch, who told us how they reduced complexity in their Confluence instance, automated content reviews and how they are planning improve the content management experience further for their teams.

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Save time emailing release notes from Jira automatically

It's our pleasure to welcome Codebarrel's marketing all-rounder, John McKiernan as our guest blogger. Codebarrel is the company behind the ultra popular Jira app Automation for Jira. Automation, or as they call her at Codebarrel, Curly can simplify the life of Jira users in many ways. John dives into one of these areas and gives software teams a quick guide on how to use Automation for Jira and Better PDF Automation together to automate the exporting and emailing the release notes after every version release.

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Creating and managing high-converting sales quotes in Jira

Please welcome Francis Martens as guest blogger to the Midori blog! Francis is the founder of iDalko, a platinum grade Atlassian Solution Partner. iDalko is also the developer of Table Grid Editor, the popular Jira app which brings the advantages of spreadsheets to Jira issues. In his blog post, Francis lets us in on the secrets of creating compelling sales quotes using Jira plus a combination of two best selling apps, Table Grid Editor and Better PDF Exporter. If you are managing quotes, bills or invoices in Jira, it's a must-read!

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In the end it's the support that makes the product suitable for Enterprise use and Midori's support is really quick, helpful and professional.

Rick Van T., Vanderlande

However what impresses me most is Midori's customer support: Szilvia's unfailingly patient and friendly assistance to all of our queries is a breath of fresh air.

Tran L., Monash University

Typically, one of the primary reasons for avoiding third-party components is anticipating you'll will have to cope with slow and uneven customer support, but the Midori support I've experienced has been first rate.

Chet W., Coopervision

The app itself works flawlessly and is extremely flexible. Most of the reviews I read here say that, as well, but what many of them do not say is how professionally Midori treats its customers.

Dan F., Leidos

They have great documentation. Relevant and easy-to-follow examples had me creating my first reports within minutes.

Jason P., Plasma-Therm

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