Midori is growing, join us!

If you are here, chances are you already know Atlassian. We are part of the Atlassian ecosystem, and we are proud of our success so far, although we've just got started. We succeed because we have a team of exceptional people, and we are looking to add more. (There is a ton of work to do!)

If you're a Super-Talented Java Developer or a First-Class Problem Solver, let's have a coffee (tea) and talk!

It will be your dream job

If you are a good fit (not everyone is), then:

  • What you build will be used by the world's most successful companies, from Google through BMW to NASA. We have unbelievable customers.
  • We pay you competitive salary to be sure that money is not an issue.
  • You will work with modern technologies, methodologies and tools. In general, there are tons of opportunities to learn.
  • You will use powerful Dell hardware with your choice of software.
  • You will not deal with legacy code or all the usual its-an-old-company symptoms (see below).

Why us, not multinational company X?

We are small, and that is our advantage:

  • There is no bureaucracy. We are flat and we are moving fast.
  • You are allowed to work from home and work flexibly (also see the next item!).
  • We work towards clear, challenging, but realistic goals, defined by a Google-like OKR system.
  • Your personal and professional growth is important for us.
  • Our office is small, yet convenient. We have ergonomic chairs, safe storage for your bicycle (plus shower!), and great coffee.
  • We are all smart, inspiring, and compassionate people.
  • As we are young, you have the opportunity to shape Midori with us from day one. If you believe in our story, you should join us as early as possible!

Available positions

Senior Java Developer

You will work on building awesome Atlassian plugins (JIRA, Confluence and Stash primarily) for our terrific customers, like Samsung, Boeing or Intel.

Desired skills / experience
  • You are fluent in Java, and possibly have some experience in Groovy, Python or some other dynamic programming language.
  • You are expert in using web as platform (CSS, Less, modern JS).
  • You are familiar with the current software development tools and trends, like Scrum, Git, or functional programming — even if not having first-hand practical experience.
  • You are super efficient in working individually and in team.
  • You are willing to learn and experiment (a lot).
Preferred skills
  • You are familiar with or interested in cloud computing, particularly AWS.

You will grow together with Midori, and you will really enjoy it.
This sounds like me

Customer Success Manager

You will help our terrific customers, like Volkswagen, Sony and Accenture, to succeed with our software world-wide.

You will understand their pain points, and will design and implement solutions to address those. You will work on improving our products, focusing on customer experience. You will frequently step out of your role, and do something different (like reviewing an email campaign template or updating our website).

Desired skills / experience
  • You are a creative, open minded and pragmatic problem solver.
  • You are an exceptional communicator.
  • You have way-above-average technical skills.
  • You have a basic understanding of modern concepts like Agile, Lean Startup, or Design Thinking — even if not having first-hand practical experience.
  • You are familar with issue tracker(s), wiki(s) and other type of collaboration and productivity tools.
  • You are willing to learn and experiment (a lot).
Preferred skills
  • You have experience in growth hacking.
  • You are familiar with content marketing and SEO.
  • You are a great (technical) writer and story teller.

This is an unbelievable opportunity: come and shape Midori with us.
This is what I should be doing

Your dream job here ↴

Although the positions in the left are immediately available, we will always consider exceptional individuals with the talent, ideas and passion to make a significant contribution to Midori.

Are you an in-bound marketing expert? A growth hacker packed with great ideas?
Try us

How to apply?

We are pragmatic people. At this stage of the company's life, we have the privilege of focusing on You — not on a formal application process.


  1. send your CV to jobs@midori-global.com,
  2. tell us why you are interested,
  3. and leave the rest to us. (We will set up a personal interview or a call.)