Better PDF Exporter for Jira

Customizable PDF export for Jira: issue lists, dashboards, timesheets, invoices, Release Notes, story cards & custom documents
This app was previously called "PDF View Plugin for Jira". It is still the same app you love, but was renamed in Sep 2018.
What can I export to PDF?
  • Issues with all fields (standard and custom)
  • Parent- and child issues
  • Comments
  • Attachments (optionally embedding them in the PDF)
  • Image attachments (optionally with their thumbnails)
  • Linked issues
  • Fix / affected versions
  • Related components
  • Change histories
  • Built-in and Tempo worklogs
  • Jira Service Desk SLAs
  • Dashboards, gadgets and reports
  • any other data inside or outside Jira, through template customization, scripting and ready-built integrations
Simple to use
  1. Install the app
  2. New links will appear in the "Exports" drop-down menu in the following screens:
    1. Issue Navigator
      (when executing a filter, running a search, or such)
    2. Issue Details
      (when viewing a single issue)
    3. Dashboard
      (when viewing a dashboard)
    4. Backlog, Sprint and Board
      (in Jira Agile / Jira Software)
    5. Ticket Queue
      (in Jira Service Desk)
    6. Timesheet
      (in Tempo)
  3. Click those links to get the PDF documents!
Customizable content

Decide what information to include in the PDF. Leave what matters, remove the rest.

Customizable look

Design the layout, add your company logo, your colors, and transform your information into beautiful documents.

Customizable logic

Go beyond the limitations of the template language. Write simple scripts to generate charts, to integrate with external databases and apps, to access Jira internals and to implement complex algorithms and calculations.

Quick & easy

Just a single click to get your PDF.


Use any number of documents templates. A different one in each project. Or for each issue type. Or for each user group. Implement any switching condition to choose between your templates.

Powerful all PDF features

Bookmarks. Embedded files (include the issue attachments in the PDFs). Hi-quality graphics (for charts and diagrams). Metadata. Just to name a few.


PDF is viewable and printable virtually on any platform, including mobile devices.

High quality

Do not rely on the limited rendering, printing and page breaking capabilities of the browser. PDF does it better.

API & Automations

Generate PDF documents in Jira workflows, services, scripts and apps. Automate your processes with the Jira Automation Plugin.

Who's using it?

My client keeps asking me questions "can it do this", "can it do that" and shortly after consulting the add-on documentation, I respond with "yes!" This blows me away. Most Jira add-on's are nowhere near as polished and definitely not as configurable / functional.

Garry M., Kapaldo

We use this add-on to create customer reports. Before we bought this tool, this was a time consuming job, which took at least one hour per customer. Now we can create this reports in a few seconds.

Holger N., INFORM Software

We mostly use modified templates from those that were provided with the plugin. So far none of our client requests have been impossible. The combination of Velocity and Groovy allows you to render almost anything.

Chandra J., ilmCon

We are using Better PDF Exporter for Jira in combination with Better PDF Automation for Jira for an automatic generarion of release notes and regular business reports based on our Jira tickets. Thanks for saving our time and money!

Markus F., ISG

This was a very handy plugin to address a use case where we needed to export thousands of Jira issues but also include things like attachments and comments. Recommended!

Adam W.,
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Evaluation: try before you buy

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  2. Get your free trial license that allows using the app without limitations for 30 days. (how to try?)
  3. When the trial is over, continue using the app by purchasing a commercially supported license. (how to buy?)
  4. Ask questions or report problems any time by clicking the "Help" tab in the right bottom. (how to get support?)
  5. Get the latest Better PDF Exporter release announcements, best practices, tips from power users in email (how to subscribe?)
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