Commit Policy Plugin for Jira

Verify the changes committed to Git, Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Subversion & Mercurial against configurable rules
How does it work?

Commit Policy Plugin checks the changes committed to your Version Control System against a set of configurable rules (the commit policy). When the policy is not satisfied, the commit is rejected. Rejected changes should be "fixed" to comply with the policy, and then be re-committed.

That's the story in nutshell, but make sure you watch the intro video.

Sounds familiar as you are using the legacy Jira Commit Acceptance Plugin? See the comparison!

Manage consistent commit policies centrally in Jira

Apply policies to any number of repositories (central or clone).


Policies consist of any number of commit rules, that can be restricted to branches and to file sets, and can be combined with AND or OR logical operators.


Commit rules consist of conditions, that can be conveniently configured via the web interface.


The sooner problems get detected the cheaper it is to fix them. Therefore the app verifies changes as early as possible in the process. For instance, Git commits can be verified before they are actually made, not only when being pushed!

Conditions to verify the committer's identity
  • Committer must have a valid Jira account
    • only users with valid Jira accounts can commit changes
    • only users in the "teamlead" Jira group can commit changes
    • reject all changes (essentially making the repository read-only)
  • Committer attribute must match a pattern
    • only users with the username "joe", "jack" or "jim" can commit changes
    • only users with in an email address matching "*" "can commit changes
Conditions to verify the commit message
  • Commit message must contain issue keys from a JQL query
    • no changes accepted without at least one Jira issue associated
    • changes must refer to exactly one user story in the current sprint
    • changes must refer to unresolved bugs and change requests planned for the next maintenance version of project FOOBAR
  • Commit message must match a pattern
    • commit messages must be at least 10 characters long (excluding whitespace)
    • commit messages must start with a Jira issue key
Conditions to verify the committed files
  • Changed files must match a pattern
    • lock the "/doc/legal" directory from modifications
    • lock the "copyright.txt" file from modifications
    • accept image files only in the "/web/static/images directory"
    • reject *.tmp, *.cfg, *.obj, *.class, .* and other temporary, hidden or local environment-only files
  • ...and more!

Encourages good practices by showing all relevant details of why a commit was rejected.

No learning curve

After a couple of rejections, clean and precise commits become the new normal.

No restrictions

Your team members can use any standard compliant VCS client (commandline, GUI, IDE integrations) on any operating system.

Supported Version Control Systems

Subversion to Git migration: apply the same policy to your old and new repositories for a smooth transition!


Enforce associations between source code changes and Jira issues (requirements, user stories, tasks, bugfixes, etc.).
Automatic input for requirements validation, impact analysis and compliance verification.

Clear code & history

No temp files, config files, garbage checked into the repo anymore.
Establish file naming- and file location conventions.

Simple access control

Lock repositories with a click globally, for a group, or for a user.
With any version control system.

Who's using it?

This is a must have to have a clean repository. The ability to check the rules also locally is just great. The support team is really reactive and efficient.

Eric F., CTA International

Not only does this plugin provide exactly the features we were looking for, it was easy to setup with clear instructions. Support was great - extremely helpful, responsive, and polite.

Julian P., Roke

While the plugin is great, the support is even greater (shout out to Gabor)! The initial environment setup was fairly easy. Just set it and forget it.

Kalen B., EaglePicher Technologies

Great plugin, way better than the old Commit Acceptance Plugin.

Bart D., CGI
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