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  1. 5 ways to speed up code reviews with Git, Mercurial and Subversion
    Code reviews and code commit best practices under Git, Mercurial (and Subversion to some extent) are ever-green and controversial topics in the DevOps community. In this blog post we make the case for a well-thought out code change practice and try to prove that if it's done right and supported with the right apps, then following the best practice is not only easy, but it improves your practices as a developer. Read this blog post and feel the change, regardless which side of the code review are you.
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  2. Moving to Confluence Data Center is a job half-done
    If you are using Confluence on a daily basis and your team is growing, you are bound to have painful Confluence content management problems. There are cold, hard facts in this article to back this statement up. Why, have you ever heard anyone, resposible for Confluence content say: "Shoot, I started cleaning up our Confluence too early!" See? There is a reason for that. Read further to learn more on how the combination of Confluence Data Center and proper Content Lifecycle Management can help you avoid or solve your growing team's content accuracy problems in Confluence. You can thank us later.
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  3. PDF View Plugin 6.2.0 released: support for Tempo period- and user filters, Tempo pre-loading, improved support for saved filters in automations
    This release brings valuable improvements to the popular Tempo to PDF timesheet and invoice export feature. It also improves the support for saved filters in automation actions via PDF Automation Plugin 3.1.0 (released the previous day).
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  4. PDF Automation Plugin 3.1.0 released: support for saved filters, new model variables
    This release improves the support for saved filters in automation actions. Please note that from this version PDF Automation Plugin requires Jira 7.0.11 or newer.
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  5. How to make Jira the single source for business reports with nFeed
    Enterprise operations can't really be blamed for having so many intertwined systems. It's just the nature of it. HR can't be forced to work in the same system as Finance, or IT to also use a database maintained by Marketing. But anyone can be blamed for not knowing that nFeed can connect and synch up these systems (or any third party database) right in Jira. Learn why Better Excel Plugin and nFeed are a perfect combination for business reports.
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  6. Better Excel Plugin 3.4.0 released: support for Tempo period- and user filters, tempo pre-loading, support for Time to SLA
    This release brings valuable improvements to the popular Tempo to Excel export feature. It also introduces a new integration with the Time to SLA app. (Plus, as always, there are improvements here and there.)
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  7. Midori apps are compatible with Jira 7.8.0
    The latest Jira minor version was just released. We ran all our products through the compatibility tests. Here is everything you need to know.
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  8. 4 major flaws in managing your intranet content in Confluence
    Using Confluence can be a daunting task sometimes, especially when hundreds are creating content each day. We all know that Confluence has some industry leading advanteges and features, then how come that sometimes just finding relevant information ("I had it last month right here, where did it go??") seems a heroic act. Take a breath and read our guide on how to bring back the confidence and joy into working with Confluence content.
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  9. Midori blog launched!
    The time has finally come: the Midori blog is officially launched today! OK, what is the point? Why should you read yet another blog?
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