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Better Excel Automation for Jira

How can you explain it to your customers?

1. Make a strong first impression


The only Excel automation solution for Jira. It exports, emails and saves Excel reports from Jira on a specified schedule or at certain events. Instead of writing scripts, create no-code automations in minutes.

Elevator pitch

Better Excel Automation is a free app for Jira that extends another Midori app, Better Excel Exporter, with automation features. It solves the use cases when you want to create Excel reports automatically, not manually, then email those, save those to files, or attach those to Jira issues.

It doesn't reinvent the wheel by introducing a custom automation framework. Instead, it integrates with Automation for Jira, the Atlassian-owned app which is the most widely used and the most feature-rich automation framework for the Jira platform. That way you can combine Excel reporting with a plethora of other automatic actions.

It is compatible both with the free and the paid/supported versions of Automation for Jira. Using the free one, you can enjoy a 100% free automation solution for relatively simple use cases. Or, you can rely on the supported one, if the use case is more complicated.

In any case, this app will save you lots of time, repetitive work and errors if you create Excel reports from Jira frequently and repeatedly.

Key features
  • Top-rated Jira app at the Atlassian Marketplace, with a large user base, developed by a proven Platinum Marketplace Partner.
  • It creates extremely high value by combining the features of Automation for Jira with the features of Better Excel Exporter into one solution.
  • You can create no-code automations with a visual automation rule builder, without technical expertise and without writing scripts.
  • For complex automation rules, you can combine Excel automation actions with all the other triggers and other actions available in the Automation for Jira app.
  • Available automation triggers: scheduled, issue created/updated/commented/transitioned, sprint started/completed, webhook and a lot more!
  • Available automation actions: send the Excel file in email, save the Excel file to the filesystem, create a Jira issue attachment from the Excel file.
  • Compatible with Automation for Jira Lite (free) and with Automation for Jira (paid and supported).
  • The app is available for Jira Server and Jira Data Center.
Highlighted reviews

"Better Excel Automation helps us to automatically distribute custom reports to the necessary recipients on a predefined schedule."
— Benjamin R., UBS

"We used it to regularly send a report to the top management and it worked really well. If you need to automate and send a report in Excel format via e-mail from Jira filters, give it a try."
— Stefano C., Unidata

"Our team uses it all the time to generate comprehensive reports that can not be done otherwise. The team and support at Midori is fantastic, fast response and updates / progress on possible resolutions."
— Gary G., Fraedom

"We have developed a system that allows us to generate reports in Excel format with the calculation of SLAs from the services of our suppliers. It's a system that integrates Better Excel Automation, Better Excel Exporter and Time to SLA."
— José C., Deiser

"It is a powerful and easy to use add-on. The customer service is also something that needs a mention."
— Kyfer B., Commonwealth Bank

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Manage Excel automation rules in Automation for Jira
Use a wide range of triggers and actions
Automate saving Excel exports to the filesystem
Excel exports saved to the filesystem
Automatically send Excel reports in email
Excel report received as email attachment
Attach an Excel file to a Jira issue in the background
Excel file attached to a Jira issue

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