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Better Excel Exporter for Jira

How can you sell it to your customers?

1. Make a strong first impression


The most powerful Excel exporter for Jira. It's much more than "just an Excel data dump": it transforms any piece of Jira data to full-blown Excel reports, pivot tables, pivot charts, etc. and supports all the killer features in Excel.

Elevator pitch

Better Excel Exporter exports Jira issues to native Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (XLSX file format), which are also compatible with all other major spreadsheet tools (incl. Google Spreadsheets, Open Office, Apple Numbers).

Unlike other text-based exporting solutions, it works with precise data types: numbers are exported to number cells, dates to date cells, and so on.

It enables using Excel functions, formulas, charts, pivot tables, pivot charts, Visual Basic and all the powerful data crunching features in Excel.

It is extremely customizable via Excel templates, Groovy scripts, calculated fields, Visual Basic macros and more.

In addition to exporting Jira data, you can also integrate it with external databases, external API's and other Jira apps. That way it can channel multiple data sources into Microsoft Excel for simple-to-use aggregated reports.

It is super-flexible for a wide range of use cases: it helps if you just need a simple tool to move Jira issues into Excel, but can be also used to perform complex analytics or to implement Business Intelligence on Jira data, for example.

Key features
  • Top-rated Jira app at the Atlassian Marketplace, with a large user base, developed by a proven Platinum Marketplace Partner.
  • Extremely flexible: it generates the exported Excel files by merging any piece of Jira data with customizable Excel templates.
  • Built-in templates cover the typical exporting use cases like selected issue fields, issue fields plus comments, issue fields plus worklogs, issue fields plus change histories, etc.
  • Built-in templates also cover a wide range of typical reporting use cases like Created vs. Resolved reports, workflow reports, worklog reports, Tempo Timesheets reports, Jira Service Management reports, etc.
  • See the long list of export samples to understand the full power of the Excel templates!
  • Groovy scripting solves the non-typical use cases like reporting with custom logic or calculations, integrating with other Jira apps, combining data from multiple sources, etc.
  • Exported Jira data can be processed with Excel formulas, and can be turned into pivot tables/charts automatically during the export. No additional manual work required.
  • The exported files are standard XLSX files, not CSV, not HTML. No need to convert. No broken characters.
  • The app is available for Jira Server and Jira Data Center.
  • You can use it together with the free Better Excel Automation app to integrate Excel reporting into business workflows (like emailing an Excel report to the management every morning).

Integrations enable exporting the data managed by third-party Jira apps, just like internal Jira data, to Excel for 100% complete reporting. Better Excel Exporter is integrated with all popular Jira apps. The list of integrations is continuously growing, based on customer demand.

Notable integrations:

  • Jira Software
  • Jira Service Management
  • Automation for Jira
  • Tempo Timesheets
  • Zephyr Squad
  • Xray
  • Insight
  • ScriptRunner
  • Structure
  • ... see all integrations
Highlighted reviews

"Basic templates are useful, but the real power of the plugin reveals when making your own templates. The customization is quite amazing. On top of that, taking the benefits of Better Excel Automation for Jira makes it a real deal."
— Marcin P., Mastercard

"Combination of Better Excel Exporter and Groovy allows you to create any report you may need. Vendor's support is really quick and helpful so we've done several complicated reports in the first few hours after plugin installation."
— Petr M., T-Mobile

"Combined with Automation Lite I was able to automate search exports as part of a weekly report with very little trouble. On another note the support is top notch. It's probably the best overall experience with any Jira add-on I've ever had."
— Jeremy A., SPINS

"A very powerful plugin to extract data out of Jira into Excel. Combined with the reporting in Excel (charts, pivot tables, etc.) you can produce some very comprehensive reports. Their support is very helpful and quick to response to any questions you may have."
— Jared D., Fraedom

"Better Excel Exporter is an extremely powerful reporting add-on, which far surpasses the functionally of all competitive products that I tested."
— Johannes H., msg systems

2. Demonstrate the solution to the problem

Present use cases with these Excel export samples
Issues with selected fields
Issues with selected fields and comments
International characters
Created vs. Resolved pivot chart
Cross-project time spent report
Jira Service Management ticket report
Tempo Timesheets pivot table
Zephyr Squad test execution report

Find even more
use cases and samples
in the Excel export samples page!
Play tutorial videos

Watch more in the Video Library!

4. Make it a bundle

Create more value for your customer by also adding Better PDF Exporter to your proposal.

5. Next steps

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