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Better PDF Exporter for Jira

How can you sell it to your customers?

1. Make a strong first impression


The most feature-rich PDF document generator for Jira. It converts issues, attachments, reports, agile boards, dashboards, and all other Jira data to beautiful PDF files. It can effectively solve any document-oriented use case by supporting customizable document templates.

Elevator pitch

Better PDF Exporter exports literally any information from Jira (captured in standard fields, custom fields, fields managed by third-party apps, agile boards, dashboards) to PDF files. It's the most feature-rich PDF document generator for Jira, designed to solve any document-oriented use case and to scale to any workload.

Unlike the PDF documents created by the browser, it results in precise layouts. No cropped images, no broken page-breaks, no unwanted scrollbars.

It enables using rich formatting, flexible layouts, custom fonts, images, SVG graphics, embedded attachments, bookmarks, metadata, password-protection (coming soon!) and all the powerful features of the PDF file format.

It is extremely customizable via PDF templates, Groovy scripts, calculations, your own design/branding and more.

In addition to exporting Jira data, you can also integrate it with external databases, external API's and other Jira apps. That way it can merge multiple data sources into comprehensive documents.

It is super-flexible for a wide range of use cases: it helps if you just need a simple tool to move Jira issues into PDF, but can be also used to generate complex documents of any type or to implement a fully-functioning Jira archiving solution for long-term storage, for example.

Key features
  • Top-rated Jira app at the Atlassian Marketplace, with a large user base, developed by a proven Platinum Marketplace Partner.
  • Extremely flexible: it generates the exported PDF files by merging any piece of Jira data with customizable PDF templates.
  • Built-in templates cover the typical use cases like issue exports, issue plus attachment exports, issue lists, timesheets, invoices, release notes, story cards, etc.
  • Built-in templates also cover a wide range of integration use cases like Jira Service Management ticket exports, Advanced Roadmaps item exports, Zephyr Squad test exports, Xray test exports, hierarchical exports from Structure, etc.
  • The app can also export Jira dashboards to PDF, for sharing and archiving purposes. It is the only app that offers this for Jira!
  • See the long list of export samples to understand the full power of the PDF templates!
  • Groovy scripting solves the non-typical use cases like custom formatting, custom calculations, integrating with other Jira apps, combining data from multiple sources, etc.
  • The exported files are standard PDF files, not HTML, not TXT. No need to convert. No broken characters.
  • The app is available for Jira Server, Jira Data Center and Jira Cloud.
  • You can use it together with the free Better PDF Automation app to integrate document generation into business workflows (like emailing a dashboard to the management every morning).

Integrations enable exporting the data managed by third-party Jira apps, just like internal Jira data, to PDF for 100% complete exports. Better PDF Exporter is integrated with all popular Jira apps. The list of integrations is continuously growing, based on customer demand.

Notable integrations:

  • Jira Software
  • Jira Service Management
  • Automation for Jira
  • Tempo Timesheets
  • Zephyr Squad
  • Xray
  • Insight
  • ScriptRunner
  • Structure
  • ... see all integrations
Highlighted reviews

"My client keeps asking me questions "can it do this", "can it do that" and shortly after consulting the add-on documentation, I respond with "yes!" This blows me away. Most Jira add-on's are nowhere near as polished and definitely not as configurable / functional."
— Garry M., Kapaldo

"We use this add-on to create customer reports. Before we bought this tool, this was a time consuming job, which took at least one hour per customer. Now we can create this reports in a few seconds."
— Holger N., INFORM Software

"We mostly use modified templates from those that were provided with the plugin. So far none of our client requests have been impossible. The combination of Velocity and Groovy allows you to render almost anything."
— Chandra J., ilmCon

"We are using Better PDF Exporter for Jira in combination with Better PDF Automation for Jira for an automatic generarion of release notes and regular business reports based on our Jira tickets. Thanks for saving our time and money!"
— Markus F., ISG

"This was a very handy plugin to address a use case where we needed to export thousands of Jira issues but also include things like attachments and comments. Recommended!"
— Adam W., Alarm.com

2. Demonstrate the solution to the problem

Present use cases with these PDF export samples
Single issue
Issue with its attachments embedded
International characters
Issue list with selected fields
Ticket list (from Jira Service Management)
Timesheet / Time-based invoice (from Tempo Timesheets)
Detailed test case (from Xray)

Find even more
use cases and samples
in the PDF export samples page!
Play tutorial videos

Watch more in the Video Library!

4. Make it a bundle

Create more value for your customer by also adding Better Excel Exporter to your proposal.

5. Next steps

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