Export Color Custom Fields from Jira to PDF

Using color-type custom fields to manage Jira issue attributes that can be intuitively color-coded will make your information intuitive, visual and easy-to-understand. A good example of this is modeling Impact and Likelihood with a red/yellow/green scale for a special "Risk" issue type in a Risk Management use case. Although color-type custom fields are not available in core Jira, the free Color Custom Fields app can add those as an immensely useful extension.

Better PDF Exporter can export the color values to PDF in a highly visual format.

Next steps

Export samples

Jira issue with Color Custom Fields

In this PDF export example, the risk's details are collected into their own section. Note the color-coded fields giving a quick reading and understanding on this particular risk. (For the color-blind, the integration can be configured to display the color name next to the colored rectangle.)


Jira issue list with Color Custom Fields

This PDF is an issue list exported from a JQL search result, with all the risks in a given Jira project. Note that the export reminds to a heat-map kind of visualization, which makes communicating the risk factors with the project stakeholders quick and easy.