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Better Commit Policy for Jira Data Center

Verify the changes committed to Git, Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Subversion & Mercurial against configurable rules
How does it work?

Better Commit Policy checks the changes committed to your Version Control System against the commit policy, a set of configurable rules that verify the commit details.

When the rules are not satisfied, the commits get rejected. Rejected commits should be "fixed" to comply with the rules, and then be re-committed.

Why should I use commit policies?

As a result of enforcing rules on the changes submitted your Version Control System, the quality of your processes, the traceability of your changes and the consistency of your source code drastically improve.

Learn more by watching the intro video in the left.

Control the source code changes and work securely

The rules can verify every commit detail:

  • the changed files
  • the commit message
  • the committer (author)
  • the affected branches
  • the affected tags

Each rule:

  • can be limited to specific branches or directories
  • can combine multiple conditions with AND/OR
  • can show custom instructions to the developer when his/her commit is rejected
Commit verification will not slow you down!

Fixing a wrong commit created hours ago is painful and costly. That's true.

Better Commit Policy works eagerly: it verifies commits before those are created. By preventing the creation of wrong commits, there is no need to fix anything later!

Better Commit Policy is the only commit checker app for Jira with this feature. Other apps verify commits only when those are sent to the server. And that's way too late!

Watch the video in the right and read how does local verification work? →

Quick adoption

Let's face it: developers hate heavy-weight processes forced upon them.

Better Commit Policy prevents chaos and encourages good practices with a light-weight approach. Plus, without losing agility!

Works with your current tools

Your team members can use any standard-compliant VCS client (command-line, GUI tools, IDE integrations) on any Operating System.

Zero learning curve

After a couple of rejections, clean and precise commits become the new normal.

Atlassian Open DevOps experience on Jira Data Center Tag marking new Midori website content

Make Jira your DevOps backbone with the help of Better DevOps Automation, a companion app for Better Commit Policy.

Automate development workflows

Free up developers from repetitive and error-prone manual tasks.

Use Commit Created, Branch Created, Tag Created triggers or @commands (entered in commits messages) to automatically notify on, build, deploy, deliver or scan your code!

Verify the tags in your repositories
Verify the branches your developers create
  • Branch name must match a pattern
    • branch names must be one of the types "feature/*", "release/*" or "maintenance/*"
    • bugfix branch names must contain a test execution ID like "bugfix/1741"
  • Branch name must contain issue keys from a JQL query
    • story branch names must include a "Story" type issue from the currently running Scrum sprint like "story/CAL-123-shared-calendars"
    • bugfix branch names must include an unresolved "Bug" type issue assigned to the committer
Enforce useful commit messages
  • Commit message must contain issue keys from a JQL query
    • no changes accepted without at least one Jira issue associated
    • changes must refer to exactly one user story in the current sprint
    • changes must refer to unresolved bugs and change requests planned for the next maintenance version of project FOOBAR
  • Commit message must match a pattern
    • commit messages must be at least 10 characters long (excluding whitespace)
    • commit messages must start with a Jira issue key
Control the file additions / deletions / modifications
Who is who and who can do what?
Seamless integration with Bitbucket, GitHub & GitLab

Using one of the popular web-based Git management applications?

Better Commit Policy extends also those with commit verification functionality:

Rigorous change control

Establish processes for compliance with ISO standards, IEC standards and industry regulations in:

  • defence
  • financial
  • avionics (success story)
  • automotive
  • medical
  • pharmaceutical
  • other safety-critical systems

Or, just make sure that every change to your code is introduced in a controlled and documented way!

End-to-end traceability

Accelerate requirements validation, compliance verification, impact analysis, coverage analysis and source code audits by bi-directionally linking Jira issues and source code changes:

  • requirements ⇔ code changes
  • epics ⇔ user stories ⇔ code changes
  • tasks / bugfixes ⇔ code changes
  • tests ⇔ code changes
  • change requests ⇔ sub-tasks ⇔ code changes
  • releases ⇔ issues ⇔ code changes

Faster code reviews & audits

Maintain development workflows for consistent repository, code & history.

By making small improvements (useful tips) in the way your team works, common questions like these will be automatically answered:

  • "Why was this changed?"
  • "Was it tested? In what environments?"
  • "Is this within the scope of the current release?"
  • "Who approved this merge?"
  • "Is there a programmatic test for this story?"

Integrated with the VCS tools you already use

Better Commit Policy for Jira extends all leading Version Control Systems and all VCS clients with commit verification features.

How does it help me work better?

Better Commit Policy success story (Aviation)
Helping the developer team comply with regulations and software requirements

"In the aviation industry, we need to be able to prove to authorities how exactly each aerospace system requirement is fulfilled and by what part of the source code. Better Commit Policy makes it easy to manage our Jira work items towards those requirements, proactively control what is committed to our source code repositories, and ultimately, to comply with regulations."

– Kalen Brown, Associate Electrical and Computer Engineer

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Better Commit Policy success story (Medical)
How developers of safety-critical systems at Philips manage source code changes

"Before using commit policies, our developers’ behavior was like in the wild west. We couldn’t match source code changes with Jira issues, it was almost impossible to understand what work has really been done, we wasted time. The Better Commit Policy app helps us maintain a manageable development process by enforcing some configurable rules in a friendly, but strict way."

– Yakov Yukhnovetsky, DevOps Engineer

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Who's using it?

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I really believe, every software company must incorporate it into its developing process.

Yakov Y., Philips

This is a must have to have a clean repository. The ability to check the rules also locally is just great.

Eric F., CTA International

What I liked here, the plugin didn't force me to change how my developers want to interact with the repositories: in command line, in Bitbucket, in Jira, in any type of git clients.

Tindur H., KORTA

Not only does this plugin provide exactly the features we were looking for, it was easy to setup with clear instructions. Support was great - extremely helpful, responsive and polite.

Julian P., Roke

While the plugin is great, the support is even greater (shout out to Gabor)! The initial environment setup was fairly easy. Just set it and forget it.

Kalen B., EaglePicher Technologies
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