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What is page view tracking?

Page view tracking helps to find those Confluence pages that were not viewed by anybody for some time. Updating or archiving these unused pages is crucial to keep your content lean, organized and consistent.

How does it work?

You can activate page view tracking by checking the If the page is not viewed for N days checkbox in the lifecycle configuration settings.

The app tracks the page views in the background and captures the page's "last view" information at each view. It does that even if the notifications are unchecked! In other words, you can turn on and off the notifications any time, the last view information is precisely and consistently captured any way.

When the content content lifecycle job is executed, the app checks the last view date on each page and reports those that were not viewed in the last N days. You typically want to take one of these actions:

  1. If that page is actually useful: update that.
  2. If that page is useless: archive that. (You can even make it completely automatic using the "page archiving" triggers. E.g. if the page was not viewed for N days, the app can archive this automatically.)
  3. If the page was not viewed, because it is not discoverable: change its location or create links pointing to this.

Using labels to control page view tracking

Use the following labels:

noarchive This label excludes a page, and all its descendants, from archiving.
Note that this label excludes them from every mechanism: from page view tracking, from page expiration tracking and from page archiving!
noarchive-single This label excludes a single page, but not its descendants, from archiving.
(This is the non-recursive version of noarchive.)

Notification emails

The notification emails show you the not-viewed pages with the time of their last views.

They also provide quick links to mark the pages for archiving right from the email.

To reduce the email traffic, a single email will be sent per user. It contains the full page list combined from all spaces where the user was selected to be notified.

Although the email contains "view page" links, you can safely open those specific links without updating the page's last view date, which would be unwanted in this situation. (I.e. this single view will not update the last view date.) If you navigate away from that page, however, the last view date of all additionally viewed pages will be updated.


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