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This page collects various articles that demonstrate how to use Better Content Archiving for Confluence Server for the best results. Most reads are about 5 minutes.

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The articles in this section include useful guides for frequent use cases, case studies contributed by power-users, integration how-to's, and practical tips to solve concrete business problems.

4 major flaws in managing your intranet content in Confluence

Using Confluence can be a daunting task sometimes, especially when hundreds are creating content each day. We all know that Confluence has some industry leading advanteges and features, then how come that sometimes just finding relevant information ("I had it last month right here, where did it go??") seems a heroic act. Take a breath and read our guide on how to bring back the confidence and joy into working with Confluence content.

How to archive a Confluence page and space

Confluence has proven to be a leader in its category, but if hundreds or thousands use it in an organization, the experience starts to depend on their attitude a lot. If Confluence drives you mad now and again with the growing amount of outdated content, then you are at the right place. Read this blog post about what you can do to keep Confluence free from stale and outdated content.

Automatic Confluence page statuses for large teams (15+ statuses)

One important feature in Confluence is the page status, which provides a visual indicator of a page's current position in the content lifecycle. The page status can be set manually or updated automatically, and it can be used to track progress, improve collaboration, and drive decisions and actions. In this article, we will explore how the Confluence page status works and how it can help teams manage their content more efficiently. We'll also discuss the limitations of the built-in page status feature in Confluence Cloud and introduce the Better Content Archiving for Confluence app, which provides more flexibility and control over page statuses.

Confluence notification and reminder to page owners

Keeping page owners informed and ensuring efficient content management are crucial aspects of working with Confluence. Explore the power of Confluence notifications and reminders in this comprehensive tutorial, highlighting how they form the backbone of a robust Confluence content lifecycle strategy. By leveraging the Better Content Archiving app, page owners can effortlessly set up reminders and notifications tailored to their needs. From event-based reminders to review notifications and even custom reminders, every stage of the content workflow can be seamlessly managed. With step-by-step instructions and tips on customization, this article equips Confluence users with the knowledge to optimize their notification system and maximize productivity.

How to archive a Confluence space

Archiving a Confluence space is a basic feature in Confluence but it's often too rudimentary for your goals. If you are building a content lifecycle management strategy, you typically don't archive whole spaces. Read on to learn more about Confluence space archiving and how you can create your Confluence content lifecycle management strategy with Better Content Archiving.

How to archive a page in Confluence

Archiving a Confluence page is a key element of a Confluence content lifecycle management strategy. Read on to understand your options for page archiving in the different Confluence deployment types. Don't stop there: continue reading in the topic and learn how you can create your Confluence content lifecycle management strategy with Better Content Archiving.

The Master Guide to Confluence content lifecycle management

The article provides a clear and detailed explanation of what Confluence content lifecycle management is and how it can benefit organizations of different sizes. It also offers practical suggestions for implementing content lifecycle management rules and workflows and making the case for them to management. Get inspiring arguments that help you explain to managers how a well-functioning Confluence is connected to business results. Use the calculations to illustrate the cost of bad quality Confluence search results and build a business case for Confluence content lifecycle management.

What is a Confluence page owner and how to use it best

This article is a comprehensive guide to page ownership in Confluence and Better Content Archiving. While Confluence offers a basic page ownership system, the article highlights the limitations of the default tools and introduces the transformative power of Better Content Archiving. Through a meticulous comparison, it reveals how Better Content Archiving redefines page ownership, allowing for dynamic collaboration and multiple owners for a single page. The app's ability to facilitate bulk ownership changes emerges as a game-changer, ensuring smooth transitions even in complex content hierarchies. Read along and learn how to improve your Confluence page ownership experience.

External articles

In this section you can find articles written by Atlassian Solution Partner teams, using their unique knowledge, eventually in their native language. These are hosted at the partner's own website.

The Unbeatable Power of Up-to-Date Content in Your Social Intranet

(by Seibert Media)

The article introduces Mantra, a social intranet based on Confluence, offering a dynamic dashboard, customizable navigation, and empowering users to share information. Better Content Archiving complements this by automating content lifecycle management, ensuring content remains relevant, accurate, and organized. This dynamic duo enhances user engagement, keeps content up-to-date, and ensures efficient content management.

Dein Social Intranet mit Mantra – warum aktuelle Inhalte (und Archivierung) so wichtig sind

(by Seibert Media)

Die Akzeptanz und der Erfolg deines Social Intranet steht und fällt mit der Aktualität seiner Inhalte. Daher kommt es auf gutes Content-Lifecycle-Management an, mit dem du die Inhalte in deinem Intranet überwachst und archivierst. Wie dir das gelingen kann, zeigen wir dir anhand zweier Tools für die Confluence Cloud: Mantra und Better Content Archiving. Erfahre hier, wie diese Tools dein Unternehmen voranbringen können!

An end to Confluence data dumping grounds

(by Atlassian)

How to clean up old content in Confluence is not something teams focus on when introducing Confluence. The huge number of abandoned pages and inaccurate contents only grow on them when the problem is impairing users' productivity and cluttering the Confluence interface. Get ahead of the inevitable and start automatically clearing your Confluence spaces. How? Read on the Atlassian Blog about how to get started with content lifecycle rules and keep Confluence from becoming a data dump.

Content lifecycle management in large Confluence instances

(by Seibert Media)

If a Confluence instance is growing steadily in your company, challenges concerning content quality are bound to arise. Pages that may need to be updated daily become outdated quickly, giving rise to a great amount of obsolete information. This is where the Midori Archiving Plugin comes into play. In a webinar with co-host Levente Szabo from Midori, we discuss how this solution improves the quality of Confluence. Watch the webinar to learn what options and possibilities are available for systematic content lifecycle management processes.

Content-Lifecycle-Management in großen Confluence-Instanzen

(by Seibert Media)

Wenn Confluence im Unternehmen stark wächst, folgen fast unvermeidlich Herausforderungen hinsichtlich der Content-Qualität. Tagesaktuelle Seiten sind schnell veraltet, es entstehen vielerlei obsolete Informationen und auch Redundanzen, das Auffinden der richtigen Inhalte wird schwieriger. Hier kommt das Archiving Plugin von Midori ins Spiel. Wie diese Lösung die inhaltliche Qualität von Confluence verbessern will, welche Optionen und Möglichkeiten ein systematisches Content-Lifecycle-Management Unternehmen eröffnet

気になるアドオン(Apps)シリーズ:Better Content Archiving for Confluence

(by Ricksoft)

今回は、「Better Content Archiving for Confluence」というアドオン(Apps)の紹介です。 しばらくConfluenceを使っていると、スペース数、ページ数、添付ファイル数などなどコンテンツがさらに大きくなって行きますよね。 社内向けの情報や社外向けの情報を記載したConfluenceのコンテンツは、会社の事業が進むにつれて情報がどんどん変わって行きます。

Better Content Archiving Produktübersicht

(by Seibert Media)

Implementieren Sie Content-Lifecycle-Management in Atlassian Confluence, sodass Sie die Aktualität, die Validität und die Qualität Ihrer Informationen kontrollieren können. Automatische Gesundheitschecks für Inhalte, Archivierung und Benachrichtigungen sorgen dafür, dass auch größte Confluence-Instanzen aufgeräumt und frei von inhaltlichen Altlasten sind.

Better Content Archiving - First look

(by Fabio Genovese)

In questo post andremo ad esaminare un nuovo addon per Confluence, che ci riserva delle belle sorprese. L’addon esegue delle analisi sul contenuto del nostro Confluence e ci permette di identificare tutte quelle situazioni, quali pagine non usate, expired e quanto altro. Vengono messi a disposizione una serie di pagine di controllo in cui sono fornite queste informazioni, come mostrato di seguito!

Introduction to Better Content Archiving, Part 1

(by Fabio Genovese)

In questo post andremo ad testare un nuovo addon per Confluence, che ci riserva delle belle sorprese. Partiamo come sempre dalla installazione. Andiamo a cercare, dalla maschera di ricerca il nostro addon!

Introduction to Better Content Archiving, Part 2

(by Fabio Genovese)

Dove eravamo rimasti? Avevamo concluso la spiegazione della configurazione. Passiamo adesso alla fase di test dell’addon. Passiamo adesso al test vero e proprio dell’addon!

Moving to Confluence Data Center is a job only half-done

(at Seibert Media)

Growth introduces new kinds of inevitable challenges in every business. As an organization grows, the meaning of "business as usual" evolves. Processes and methods change, disrupting everyday life for teams across departments. First in line for change are the most basic internal practices – like content collaboration in Confluence. Handle this change professionally and help your team remain productive with these bits of advice and tools.

Confluence Data Center braucht eine Archivierungslösung

(by Seibert Media)

Mit Wachstum gehen in jedem Unternehmen unausweichliche neue Herausforderungen einher. Wenn eine Organisation wächst, verändert sich die Bedeutung von Business as usual. Prozesse und Methoden ändern sich ebenso wie die tägliche Arbeit in den Teams. Ganz zuerst sind die ganz normalen internen Praktiken von solchen Veränderungen betroffen – wie die Zusammenarbeit an Inhalten in Confluence.