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This page collects various articles that demonstrate how to use Better Commit Policy for Jira Server for the best results. Most reads are about 5 minutes.

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The articles in this section include useful guides for frequent use cases, case studies contributed by power-users, integration how-to's, and practical tips to solve concrete business problems.

Git 50/72: the rule of well formed Git commit messages

Easy-to-understand commit messages in version control systems are important to maintain a clear project history. Who will remember after six months what a two-word message (e.g.: Fixed bugs) meant? Similarly, a novel about the solution and the shining talents of the developer doesn't help understanding the original intent either. The 50/72 rule is about balancing and sharing the right amount of information in commit messages to build a clean code history. Using it in your team is not wishful thinking: learn how you can take advantage of it in a quick and painless way.

5 ways to speed up code reviews with Git, Mercurial and Subversion

Code reviews and code commit best practices under Git, Mercurial (and Subversion to some extent) are ever-green and controversial topics in the DevOps community. In this blog post we make the case for a well-thought out code change practice and try to prove that if it's done right and supported with the right apps, then following the best practice is not only easy, but it improves your practices as a developer. Read this blog post and feel the change, regardless which side of the code review are you.

Git Integration for Jira opens up the Git repository status for all teams

Welcome Katie Hill from BigBrassBand, makers of the super popular Git Integration for Jira app as our guest author! Katie shares her thoughts in this guest blog on the importance of why non-technical Jira users should be able to understand the state of a Git repository. Find out how non-tech people can translate software development questions to business terms with the Git Integration for Jira app!

How to install pre-receive hooks in GitLab

Better Commit Policy 4.3.0 brings popular new integrations and features to suggest Jira issues to include in your commit message or share your commit policy among Jira projects. One of the highly requested integrations is between GitLab and Jira. Read how Better Commit Policy for Jira 4.3.0 delivered this!

How to prepare for GitHub Enterprise code reviews

Keeping a traceable and audit-proof source code change history should not be a hassle for any developer team. If you are using GitHub Enterprise and Jira together, you can count on the power of pre-receive hooks by Better Commit Policy for Jira to speed up code reviews. Build a robust commit policy system to guard your GitHub Enterprise repositories!

Jira issue check and more advanced commit verifications for Bitbucket DC

Software team leads from companies of all sizes are looking for ways to introduce Git commit verification rules and standardize on best practices. What commit verification options are available built-in Bitbucket Data Center and what are the alternatives? Read our quick roundup of professional commit policy apps for Bitbucket Data Center, that offer the best features to complete Bitbucket's basic capabilities.

External articles

In this section you can find articles written by Atlassian Solution Partner teams, using their unique knowledge, eventually in their native language. These are hosted at the partner's own website.

How to speed up code reviews

(at Atlassian)

Ask anyone in the DevOps community and chances are, they will tell you that code review is time-consuming and frequently boring, but it’s a critical phase of the software development process. What they mention less often is that the long back and forths with developers can be spared if you first get your commits right.