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What is Jira Service Desk?

(supported since Better PDF Exporter 0.1.0)

Jira Service Desk is the service desk solution running on the top of Jira.

Jira Service Desk integration features

  • You can export the Jira Service Desk-managed custom field types, like Approvals (including decision details), Customer Request Type, Organizations, Request Language, Request Participants, Satisfaction, Satisfaction Date, SLA to PDF.

(Need more features? Tell us in a support ticket!)

Tutorial video

Export Jira Service Desk tickets to PDF super-easily! (Although the video below was captured about the app's Server version, the Cloud version is very similar.)

Jira Service Desk PDF export samples

Jira Service Desk ticket export

Please note the two SLA values (Time to assignment and Time to resolution) and the Customer Request Type value natively appearing among the built-in custom fields. The PDF template is using the same intuitive red-green color coding as the web interface.


Jira Service Desk SLA export

Service Desk custom fields (in the 3 rightmost columns) are supported also when bulk-exporting tickets from a queue or from a JQL search to a summarizing table.



Configuring the Jira Service Desk custom fields

There is nothing to do. Better PDF Exporter will automatically recognize the Jira Service Desk managed fields and export them accordingly.

Configuring the export format for the Jira Service Desk custom fields

There is one configuration variable that affects the output format of the Approvals field. The default behavior is that the overall approval will be exported ("Approved" "Declined", "Pending"). You can also include the individual approvers' decisions by setting this configuration variable in the top part of the issue-fo.vm, issue-navigator-fo.vm and traceability-report-fo.vm templates:

## Jira Service Desk
#set($exportServiceDeskApprovalDecisions = false) ## set to "true" to export approver decisions

If you want full control over the export format, look at the Velocity macro definition marked with this comment in the above mentioned templates:

## Jira Service Desk custom field types
## ...

Note: you can absolutely have different export formats in the different templates, as issue-fo.vm typically has more space for details.

Excluding the internal comments from the exports

By default, both internal and public comments are exported. You can exclude the internal comments from the exports by changing the following configuration variable in the the top part of the issue-fo.vm template:

## Jira Service Desk
#set($exportServiceDeskInternalComments = true) ## set to "false" to export public comments only

Learn more about Jira Service Desk