Create custom Jira reports

You can model any sort of business process and manage any sort of data with Jira. Thanks to its low-level approach, based on document templates and Groovy scripts, the Better PDF Exporter app gives you incomparable flexibility and power to generate complex documents.

In this section we collected some custom-built Jira PDF report examples for inspiration.

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Custom sales report from Jira

A comprehensive sales performance report, enhanced with custom charts. A fine example of using Jira for business, but non-technical purposes.


Custom agile sprint report

This custom Jira sprint report calculates Burn Down Rate and Velocity based on issue count vs. time. It also compares the ideal performance to the actual one.


Google Maps as Jira custom field

This custom document demonstrates the extreme flexibility of Better PDF Exporter. One of our power-users implemented Google Maps (with various markers and polylines) as a custom field, then uses his custom template to generate maps for comprehensive technical documents. Wow, just wow!