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This page only applies to the pre-5.0.0 versions of the Better PDF Exporter app.
For information about 5.0.0 or newer versions, see the buying page.

What is the legacy licensing?

The first version of Better PDF Exporter was released long before Atlassian Marketplace and the Jira app ecosystem existed. In those days, there was no common licensing model for apps, thus Midori started to use a proprietary licensing model and started to sell licenses directly.

Better PDF Exporter became immensely popular over the years, and the old model (we call it legacy) couldn't scale smoothly to the increased user base. As we wanted to focus our efforts on making the app better, not on creating quotes and on maintaining license keys, we decided to convert from the legacy model to the standard Atlassian Marketplace licensing model (which became a sort of standard in the meanwhile).

The licensing change takes place from app version 5.0.0, meaning:

  • All app versions starting from 5.0.0 are available with Atlassian Marketplace licensing (and only with that).
  • All app versions before 5.0.0 will continue using legacy licenses.
    When upgrading to 5.0.0 or newer, your legacy license should be migrated to the equivalent Atlassian Marketplace license using a simple migration process. (Don't forget to migrate: the new licensing model comes with major advantages!)

Differences between legacy- and Atlassian Marketplace licenses

What are the advantages of using Atlassian Marketplace licenses?

  1. Cheaper: license renewals are 30-40% cheaper (depending on the user tier). We made small adjustments to our pricing, that save on license fees for returning customers, yet allow us to further improve the app.
  2. Faster: Midori is in the CET timezone, and it sometimes resulted in some turnaround time for customers based in the US and Asia. Atlassian Marketplace is available 24/7, 100% automated and 100% self-service, so it has never been faster to get licenses.
  3. Easier: no need for vendor registration, no need for approval from the legal department, etc. because in the new model you are purchasing from Atlassian Marketplace (not from Midori) in accordance with the standard Atlassian Marketplace conditions.
  4. More convenient: your Better PDF Exporter license will be integrated with your Jira or other app licenses via the My Atlassian website. You can buy, renew, co-term and manage them in a consistent manner.

Migrating legacy licenses to Atlassian Marketplace licenses

To convert your existing legacy license to the equivalent Atlassian Marketplace license:

  1. Install Better PDF Exporter 5.0.0 or newer.
  2. Generate a trial license for the app at Atlassian Marketplace. Make sure that you are using your organization's official Atlassian Marketplace account to generate the trial, because the migrated license will be associated with that account!
  3. Open a ticket in our support desk with the following information in the ticket description:
    1. Attach your license file that should be migrated.
      Please note that each legacy license will be migrated only once, so double-check the file, especially if you have licenses for multiple servers!
      Tip: you can find this file attached to the email sent by Midori last time you purchased or renewed your license. Alternatively, login to Jira as admin, go to AdministrationAdd-onsPDF Templates, click the file file and copy the content of the editor in the bottom to the ticket's description.
    2. Include the SEN of the trial license you created in step 2.
      We will migrate the legacy license to the Atlassian account specified in that.
      Tip: to find the app's SEN (not Jira's SEN!), login Jira as admin, go to AdministrationAdd-onsManage add-ons, then expand the box of the Better PDF Exporter for Jira.
  4. Continue using the app (the trial allows 30 days).
  5. We will migrate your license before the trial expires, and update you on that. The migrated license will appear among your other Atlassian licenses.
  6. Migration is done. From this point, you can renew and manage the license via Atlassian Marketplace.

Any problem? Open a ticket (or email us at any time.

Evaluation: try before you buy!

Our free 30-day evaluation license enables you to try Better PDF Exporter for Jira.
The app works without limitations for the trial period.

Buying (legacy) licenses

To purchase licenses for the pre-5.0.0 versions, follow these instructions:

  1. To request a license: login to your Jira as system administrator, go to AdministrationPluginsManage ExistingUser-installed PluginsBetter PDF Exporter for JiraConfigure, and click the Buy License link. Fill out the data, then send the email.
    Please ask for the help of your Jira administrator if you don't have System Administration permissions on your Jira.
    (To submit your order without using Jira, you can send an email to with your app license ID, your company name and invoice address.)
  2. After we received your request, a quote with our bank account information will be emailed back to you.
  3. Pay the license fee. We can accept your payment by bank transfer, please use the quote ID as reference.
  4. After we received your payment, the we will send you your license file (called Follow these steps to install it.

All requests are processed in 1-3 days. Questions? Open a ticket (or email us at any time.

(Legacy) pricing

Our software license fee depends on the size (user count) of the Jira license that will host the app.
Software licenses entitle you to 12 months use of the software, and include 12 months maintenance of updates and support.
For questions about licensing, please read the FAQ.

Commercial license
Starter (10 users)email us
25 users$290 Buy
50 users$550 Buy
100 users$990 Buy
250 users$1,490 Buy
500 users$1,990 Buy
2,000 users$1,990 Buy
10,000 users$2,190 Buy
10,000+ users$2,390 Buy

For Starter licenses, Jira 3 and Jira 4 pricing please email us at

Prices are in US dollars. All prices exclusive of VAT.
Academic licenses cost 50% of the commercial licenses.
For customers in the European Union, we can offer prices in EUR. Please indicate whether you'd like to pay in EUR when submitting your license request.

What is my app license ID?

This is a unique ID that identifies your Better PDF Exporter license. It is not identical with either your Jira server ID or your Atlassian Support Entitlement Number (SEN)! It is only used by Midori to identify your Jira server and the app license installed to that.

To obtain this ID: login to your Jira as system administrator, go to AdministrationAdd-onsBetter PDF Exporter for JiraConfigure and see the ID at Your license ID.

Installing the (legacy) license

After you received your own file from us, please follow these instructions. Having any problems, contact us at any time.

  1. Go to Administration → Add-ons → License (under PDF Views in the left) in Jira 6, and to Administration → License in Jira 5.
  2. Open the file in any simple text editor (e.g. Notepad).
  3. Copy its content to the web form. Save it.
  4. Check whether "Your license is expiring at" is reflecting the updated license expiry period.

(Legacy) End User License Agreement

Midori products are proprietary software applications. Your use of Midori software is subject to the terms and conditions as outlined in the End User License Agreement.