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What is JEditor (Jira Editor)?

(supported since Better PDF Exporter 3.3.0)

JEditor is a hyper-popular WYSIWYG rich text editor app for Jira.

JEditor (Jira Editor) integration features

  • Better PDF Exporter supports JEditor's all formatting features.
  • You can export JEditor-rendered Description and Environment fields, issue comments, and any single- or multi-line text custom fields to PDF.

Tutorial video

Watch this short video to see the JEditor Better PDF Exporter integration in action:

Export samples

Issue with JEditor formatted fields

In this sample document, a multi-line text custom field, the Description field and the comments were formatted with JEditor. Thanks to the seamless integration, JEditor formatted fields cannot be distinguished from the markup-formatted ones.



There is nothing to do. Better PDF Exporter will automatically recognize the JEditor rendered fields and export them accordingly.

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