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This page collects various articles that demonstrate how to use Better PDF Exporter for Jira Server for the best results. Most reads are about 5 minutes.

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The articles in this section include useful guides for frequent use cases, case studies contributed by power-users, integration how-to's, and practical tips to solve concrete business problems.

The complete guide to archiving Jira issues [2020]

Native project archiving only exists in Jira Software Data Center (from version 7.10), and as a premium feature on Jira Cloud. Regardless of which deployment options you are using, there are still a number of ways to declutter Jira and free up some performance capacity. Read on to get a comprehensive summary of Jira issue and project archiving options.

Save time emailing release notes from Jira automatically

It's our pleasure to welcome Codebarrel's marketing all-rounder, John McKiernan as our guest blogger. Codebarrel is the company behind the ultra popular Jira app Automation for Jira. Automation, or as they call her at Codebarrel, Curly can simplify the life of Jira users in many ways. John dives into one of these areas and gives software teams a quick guide on how to use Automation for Jira and Better PDF Automation together to automate the exporting and emailing the release notes after every version release.

Export Jira worklogs to stunning PDF docs

In the third (final) part of this blog series about Tempo, we dig a bit deeper into how you can use Better PDF Exporter to create stunning PDF documents from your Tempo Timesheets managed data. By the time you finish this blog post, you will master the technique of creating your own company branded invoice or personal timesheet PDF document with one click.

Archive Jira issues into PDF/A documents

The PDF/A file format offers many advantages when Jira users are looking to export Jira data with the intention of storing information for a long period of time. Get a glimpse into how an Atlassian Solution Partner, EPOS-CAT delivered a Jira archiving system for their customers based on PDF/A documents.

Creating FDA compliant records from Jira

Life in regulated industries is a bit more difficult than elsewhere. Authorities are not joking around when it comes to product submissions of pharma companies, audit of quality processes, or CAPAs (Corrective And Preventive Actions). Radbee is an Atlassian + Midori Solution Partner, specializing in helping medtech, pharma and biotech companies navigate the waters of industry compliance. In this guest post, Rina Nir from Radbee explains how Better PDF Exporter can be used to create FDA-proof PDF exports from Jira data.

Easy Jira Cloud migration of Midori apps

Not all apps are created equal when it comes to migration to Atlassian Cloud, and it all has to do with complexity. Learn about the simple, secure and lightweight methods of migrating the Better PDF Exporter and Better Excel Exporter apps to Jira Cloud!

How to send Jira dashboard via email in Data Center

Exporting Jira dashboards is a feature unique to Better PDF Exporter. You can export and share Jira dashboards with team members or anyone without Jira access. You can even automatically export, attach or send the exported PDF in email with the help of Better PDF Automation. Read on to learn more about how you can export and send Jira dashboards!

External articles

In this section you can find articles written by Atlassian Solution Partner teams, using their unique knowledge, eventually in their native language. These are hosted at the partner's own website.

Key test metrics to communicate with executives

(by SmartBear)

The team at Midori has been hard at work to make it possible to export the Zephyr Squad-managed Jira custom fields into a nicely formatted PDF document, with the level of details of your choice: the test steps, test steps with step results or just individual test executions without step results. Now we strengthen this collaboration further, as we announce the integration of Zephyr Squad for Jira Cloud and Better PDF Exporter for Jira Cloud.

How Midori creates better exporting capabilities with Tempo Timesheets

(by Tempo)

Better PDF Exporter integrates with Tempo Timesheets, which means that you can generate custom time-based PDF reports from Jira and simplify invoicing for the whole team. Turn your Jira instance into a powerful invoicing and timesheet reporting system with our dedicated templates for Tempo Timesheets.

Midori Better PDF Exporter for Jira で日本語フォントを指定する方法 (Windows OS)

(by Go2Group)

ミドリ グローバル コンサルティング 社の Midori Better PDF Exporter は、アトラシアン社のプロジェクト管理ツール Jira で PDF 形式での各種レポート作成を実現する製品です。日常業務や開発プロジェクトの各種タスクを Jira アプリケーション上で管理/追跡している場合、それらタスクの進捗や統計に関する情報を PDF ファイルとして保管できます。 Midori Better PDF Exporter for Jira を日本語環境で使用する場合、PDF ファイルを生成する際に使用する日本語フォントをあらかじめ指定しておく必要があります。この指定を行わない場合、生成された PDF ファイルの日本語部分がすべて # 記号に置き換えられてしまいます。そこで、このページでは、Midori Better PDF Exporter を日本語環境で使用するために必要となる、日本語フォントの指定方法について説明します。

Atlassian Jira Plugins - Better PDF Exporter for Jira & Better Excel Exporter for Jira

(by it-economics)

Meiner Meinung nach beruht die Macht und vielseitige Einsetzbarkeit auf der flexiblen Erweiterbarkeit und Konfigurierbarkeit von Jira. Um unsere beliebtesten Erweiterungen und Konfigurationen nicht nur in unserer internen Schatzkammer zu horten möchten wir mit diesem und den folgenden Artikeln unsere Geheimnisse mit den Lesern teilen.