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Better Excel Exporter for Jira Cloud

Full-blown native Excel exports, spreadsheet reports and Business Intelligence for Jira
What can I export to Excel?
  • Issues with selected / all fields (incl. all system and custom fields)
  • Parent- and child issues
  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • Linked issues
  • Fix / affected versions
  • Related components
  • Change histories
  • Built-in and Tempo Timesheets worklogs
  • Jira Software data
  • Jira Service Management data (incl. SLAs!)
  • ... plus any other data inside or outside Jira, through template customization, scripting and ready-built integrations!
Simple to use
  1. Install the app
  2. New buttons and links will appear in the following screens:
    1. Issue Navigator → List view (largest Excel button in the top)
      (when executing a filter, running a search, or such)
    2. Issue Navigator → Detail view (button for each issue)
      (when executing a filter, running a search, or such)
    3. Issue Details → Old view (button in the top right)
      (when viewing a single issue)
    4. Issue Details → New view (glance in the right)
      (when viewing a single issue in any context)
    5. Backlog ("..." menu in the top)
      (in Jira Software)
    6. Scrum Board ("..." menu in the top)
      (in Jira Software)
    7. Kanban Board ("..." menu in the top)
      (in Jira Software)
  3. Click these to open the "Export" pop-up and to get the Excel spreadsheets!
Use a native Jira Cloud app , not a problematic Excel add-in!

Better Excel Exporter is a native Jira Cloud app. It is compliant with all of Atlassian's security requirements and it just works!

Data types

Instead of "everything is just plain text", the data is exported with real data types. Dates are dates, numbers are numbers, links are links.


The XLSX file format is the standard for all popular spreadsheet tools, therefore the exports are compatible with Google Spreadsheets and Open Office.

All Excel features

Why better than Jira Cloud for Excel or the built-in CSV export?

  Better Excel Exporter for Jira Cloud Jira's built-in CSV export Jira Cloud for Excel
Easy installation (Jira Cloud app) (built-in) (problematic Excel add-in)
Supported Jira screens Issue Navigator, Issue View, backlogs, boards of all types (Service Management queues, Work Management screens are coming) Issue Navigator only Issue Navigator only
Templates (templates are regular Excel files)
Data types (text, numbers, dates, etc.) (all values are raw text) (data type is unreliable)
Visual formatting (fonts, colors, cell sizing, etc.)
Pivot tables
Pivot charts
Issue metadata (comments, worklogs, transitions, change history, etc.)
Non-tabular content (page header and footer, cell comments, etc.)
Scripting (Groovy)
Visual Basic (VBA)
Integrations with other Jira apps (growing continuously)
Automation (coming soon!)

Integrated with the Jira apps you already use

Better Excel Exporter extends all popular Jira apps with powerful Excel reporting features.

How does it help me work better?

Better Excel Exporter success story (Telecom)
Automate a daily Jira status report email to your managers

"The biggest benefit of Better Excel Exporter for us is versatility. It can work with prepared templates but at the same time, it's designed to handle large amounts of data and use custom Groovy scripts during data generation."

– Frantisek Spacek, Atlassian Consultant

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Better Excel Exporter success story (Finance)
Building an enterprise reporting system with Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Excel

"Intercompany invoicing within an enterprise group of companies is never the simplest area of accounting. Better Excel Exporter helped our accounting department process invoices faster, with less errors and less oversight."

– Claudio Menetti, IT Consultant

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Better Excel Exporter success story (Manufacturing)
How BlueSun (a Procter & Gamble spin-off company) created custom reports from Jira Service Management data

"Better Excel Exporter helped us to create every type of custom reports from our service data. Among others, it enables us to understand how monthly workload is distributed among our agents or to find the top 10 recurring problems."

– Juan Jose Castro, IT Infrastructure Manager

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Better Excel Exporter success story (Banking)
How a well-known Swiss bank drastically improved process workflows with automated Excel reports

"Our goal was replacing the previously used multi-step process which was complicated, time-consuming and relied on multiple tools. With Better Excel Exporter we were able to create our Excel reports exactly the way we wanted."

– Tobias, Jira technical expert

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Better Excel Exporter success story (Media)
How Carussel generates real-time Excel reports from Jira with one click

"The dashboard is a powerful feature in Jira, but we needed something that captures the state of a project in Excel at any given moment without the hassle. Information sharing vastly improved through progress reports generated by Better Excel Exporter."

– Jana Tkacsuk, Project Manager

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Better Excel Exporter success story (Government)
Easier Earned Value metrics reporting at a US Government department

"Our users can create their own unique reports in Excel from different Jira screens. We use the Earned Value Management (EVM) method, so it's especially valuable when managers need to report on EVM."

– Celeste B. Plaisance, Atlassian Collaboration Administrator

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Better Excel Exporter success story (Hospitality)
SkyTouch made Jira sprint Excel reports a 5-minute task

"Better Excel Exporter saves us hours creating Jira sprint and project reports, and helps our team discover upcoming roadblocks. Productivity gaps are then discussed and addressed with the developer team, so it's a real support for process and product improvement."

– Jorge Pino, Technical Project Manager

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Who's using it?

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Basic templates are useful, but the real power of the plugin reveals when making your own templates. The customization is quite amazing. On top of that, taking the benefits of Better Excel Automation for Jira makes it a real deal.

Marcin P., Mastercard

Combination of Better Excel Exporter and Groovy allows you to create any report you may need. Vendor's support is really quick and helpful so we've done several complicated reports in the first few hours after plugin installation.

Petr M., T-Mobile

Combined with Automation Lite I was able to automate search exports as part of a weekly report with very little trouble. On another note the support is top notch. It's probably the best overall experience with any Jira add-on I've ever had.

Jeremy A., SPINS

A very powerful plugin to extract data out of Jira into Excel. Combined with the reporting in Excel (charts, pivot tables, etc.) you can produce some very comprehensive reports. Their support is very helpful and quick to response to any questions you may have.

Jared D., Fraedom

Better Excel Exporter is an extremely powerful reporting add-on, which far surpasses the functionally of all competitive products that I tested.

Johannes H., msg systems
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  4. Ask questions or report problems any time by clicking the "Help" tab in the right bottom. (how to get support?)
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