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This page collects various articles that demonstrate how to use Better DevOps Automation for Jira Data Center for the best results. Most reads are about 5 minutes.

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For tutorials that are created for starters or focus on one use case, check out the tutorial videos.


The articles in this section include useful guides for frequent use cases, case studies contributed by power-users, integration how-to's, and practical tips to solve concrete business problems.

Bringing DevOps automation features to Jira Data Center and Server

We are announcing our newest app: Better DevOps Automation for Jira. DevOps practices and especially DevOps workflow automation is increasingly important for developer teams looking to deliver software quicker while maintaining reliability and improving team morale. Better DevOps Automation brings new DevOps triggers to Automation for Jira, that enable no-code, low-code, user-friendly, yet advanced DevOps workflows.

How to trigger a Bamboo build on commit?

Triggering an automatic Bamboo build after each commit is a typical DevOps use case that many software teams routinely use. But can you make it optional and give more control to developers over running Bamboo builds? Learn how to power up your developers and allow them trigger a Bamboo build with Genius Commands used in the commit message!

How to trigger a Jenkins build on commit?

We dive into a sub-section of DevOps automation that's about automating a Jenkins build after a commit has been accepted to the central repository. We are going to take advantage of the Automation for Jira framework and the DevOps triggers by the Better DevOps Automation for Jira app. Learn how to empower your developers to automate a Jenkins build from the convenience of the commit message!

How to trigger TeamCity on Git push?

We are continuing our DevOps automation series with a practical guide for automating TeamCity builds. With the help of Automation for Jira and Better DevOps Automation for Jira, we are looking at automating a TeamCity build configuration. Follow this guide to cut on manual tasks and automate TeamCity from the convenience of the commit message!

How to use DevOps smart values in Jira automation rules?

A selection of smart values make Jira issue details readily available for Automation for Jira rules. But what about DevOps smart values for Jira Data Center and Server? Read on to learn how you can use software development focused smart values in Jira automation actions.

Send Git commit details in Slack message

Creating shared understanding and open communications are two cornerstone principles of DevOps. Workplace communication is often happening in Slack channels, so connecting your developer environment with Slack is a popular use case. Learn how to set up a Jira automation rule to send Git commit details to your team's Slack channel without lifting a finger.

What is DevOps? (According to Atlassian, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft)

There is no short answer to the question: what is DevOps? It isn't just automation. It's not one tool, or one principle and there is no single route to follow that will take you to DevOpsLand. To find out what is DevOps, look at it from different angles and put together the perfect definition for you. We help you to sift through the different DevOps interpretations of big technology companies, so you know what they mean when they tell you what DevOps is.

What is GitOps and how does it benefit CI/CD?

GitOps basically means doing Ops while using Git as Version Control System for infrastructure configuration files. How does it compare to DevOps? Is GitOps the same thing as Infrastructure as Code? Am I out of luck if I don't use Git? (No!) Read on to set the record straight on these questions and more!