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Initialize content events job

What does it do?

This job initializes the content events (content views and updates) in the first step in the getting started process.

How it works


  1. The job processes all spaces except the excluded ones (site scope) or only one specific space (space scope).
    1. It processes all contents in the space and.

After the job has completed, the content events for all contents in the scope will be initialized.

Scheduled runs

This job does not run periodically. (It should be run manually in well-defined situations, see the next section!)

Manual runs

Beware: Running this job can be very time-consuming for large spaces!

You should run this job only once after installing the app. You should re-run this only if:

  • If the content events integrity check fails.
  • If you included a previously excluded space, for which the job has not yet run.
  • If the Midori support team asks for that.

Supported metrics

  1. Spaces processed
  2. Spaces total
  3. Content events initialized


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