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Job advanced topics


Every access to Confluence is performed by the Better Content Archiving app user. That means, only those spaces and contents can be managed by the app which are accessible for the app user.

In order for the app to work properly, make sure that the Better Content Archiving app user:

  • has administrator permission on every space (this is the default setting)
  • has edit permission on every restricted content (you have to set this manually)

Specific permissions will be still validated for each space and content for end users. This means that if Alice does not have permission to view a space and Bob does not have permission to view a restricted content, then those users will not be able to access that space and content with the features of the application, even if the Better Content Archiving app user has the appropriate permissions for these contents.

Error handling

An execution fails if not all the spaces (regarding the scope) were processed successfully. The spaces are processed concurrently, thus if one or more spaces fail, the rest of them will be still processed by the job.

Retry mechanism for scheduled executions

If a scheduled execution fails, the scheduler will retry it in 5 minutes. (The most common error is a transient failure of the Confluence REST API, on which the retry mechanism can have a pretty good success rate.) This will be repeated until a scheduled execution of another job type would like to start.

In order to prevent starvation of other job types, the scheduler only retries a failed job three times before allowing another to start.


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