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Send notifications job

What does it do?

This job sends out all notification emails.

How it works

Collecting the notification recipients and the related contents is based on the assigned notification scheme. Pages and blog posts that match the configured CQL will be included in the notification. The assigned notification template defines how these contents are presented in the notification emails.

Even though the notifications have a configured schedule, you can run this job manually, but it will not affect the next scheduled run. For example, if a notification is scheduled for every Monday, it will be sent right now, but also on the next Monday.

Scheduled runs

This job runs whenever an automation action is due, according to its configured schedule.

Manual runs

Beware: Your users may receive unexpected notification emails! Start this only if you know what you are doing.

You should run this job manually only if:

  • If you really want to send out all notifications immediately (and ignore their actual schedule).
  • If you included a previously excluded space, for which the job has not yet run recently.

Supported metrics

  1. Spaces processed
  2. Spaces total
  3. Emails sent


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