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Manage the Confluence content lifecycle

While automatic content classification is a core feature of the Better Content Archiving app, you can move Confluence content along the lifecycle manually as well.

The Better Content Archiving app helps you develop a sense of responsibility over Confluence content, especially over the content you create or are the owner of. The Content Status Indicator shows the current status of a page and helps you decide what the next steps should be. You can then adjust the status in several ways.

A Confluence content lifecycle workflow example

Consider a workflow like this:

  1. A page automatically moves to "Expired" status if it hasn't been edited for a set number of days. Alternatively, it can expire periodically for regular reviews.
  2. You, as a content owner, receive an email notification with the expired pages, calling you to review them.
  3. You edit the expired page which moves back to "Up-to-date" status. You can also set a different Confluence page status, for example, "Waiting for approval".
  4. The page is now in "Up-to-date" status or if you sent it for approval, the reviewer receives an email about the pages waiting for their review. The page continues its lifecycle journey.

Set the Confluence page status

Editing or viewing a page are natural ways of updating the Confluence page status. On top of these, you can use labels to manually set the Confluence page status.

The available statuses are defined by your Confluence content lifecycle management strategy and configured in the content status scheme of the space. By applying labels, you can move content along its lifecycle workflow. Create a Confluence content approval management system by using statuses like "Waiting for approval", "Under Review", "Approved", "Rejected", etc.

"Quick actions" make applying labels error-proof and easy. Find the available quick actions by clicking on and opening the Content Status Indicator panel.

With these content lifecycle management mechanisms, you can proactively manage the Confluence page status and also implement a lightweight Confluence content approval workflow.


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