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Expressions Reference Manual

What is the Refman?

When customizing Excel templates for the Better Excel Exporter for Jira, you may frequently ask yourself "how to export this field of that object?" Although this is fairly easy to find the answer in the customization documentation and among the recipes, we wanted to make your life easier.

Therefore we compiled the Expressions Reference Manual (also known as Refman) with all the frequently needed expressions.

A document like this can never be 100% complete, due its nature. If you can't find the expression you look for, feel free to ask us any time.

How to use the Refman?

Download the sample export below, and use that as cheat sheet: copy the expression you look for to your actual Excel template. In most cases, it will work immediately.

In more advanced situations (for instance, when your context object is called differently), you may need to make minor adjustments on the expression. Even in that case, the original expression should give you the idea.

Download the Refman

Better Excel Exporter for Jira — Expression Reference Manual