Add more detail to Jira issue history reports

The default template set includes specialized versions of the issue-navigator.xlsx template to export the comments, worklogs, Tempo worklogs, change history (commonly known as issue metadata) along with the field values. These specialized templates support both the selected fields and all fields scenarios, and append the metadata in the right.

The metadata values are exported to separate "atomic" columns (comment author, date and text separately) and to multiple rows (when an issue has multiple comments) for a structured data layout.

Next steps

Export samples

Jira issues with comments

Using the issue-navigator-with-comments.xlsx template, the Jira issue comments are exported to 3 separate Excel columns (comment author, submission time and text).


Jira issues with selected fields and worklogs

Use the issue-navigator-with-worklogs.xlsx template to export Jira worklogs to 4 separate Excel columns (time spent, author, submission time and comment text).


Jira issues with selected fields and Tempo worklogs

issue-navigator-with-tempo-worklogs.xlsx is the Tempo-optimized version of the previous Excel template. It integrates with the Tempo time tracking app and also exports the account and activity associated for each worklog.


Jira issues with selected fields and change history

Audit type of use cases require you to export all fields and their complete change history to Excel. Using the issue-navigator-with-history.xlsx template, the changes made on the corresponding issue are exported to 5 separate columns (author, change time, changed field, old- and new value).