Export any Jira data to custom Excel reports

Better Excel Exporter enables working not only with Jira issues but with any kind of data. Our motto: if the data is available from Jira core, from apps or from external data sources, then template customization, Excel features, Groovy scripts, Visual Basic macros can extract insights from those in any possible use case.

This section shows examples of exporting information which is not strictly related to Jira issues.

Next steps

Export samples

Jira projects Excel export

The project-export.xlsx template exports Jira projects to Excel, including their keys, names and other details, issue count, components, issue types, versions and archiving information. This export enables reporting on projects, which is completely missing from Jira core functionality.


Jira user accounts

The user-export.xlsx template exports Jira user accounts to Excel, including username, last login time, login count, failed login count, group memberships, roles and more. This is a particularly useful in large Jira instances to find the unused seats and garbage among thousands of user accounts, with Excel sorting and filtering.


Complex project status report

This custom report template was created by a Better Excel Exporter power user (the original data has been removed for privacy reasons). The report features a customized issue list (with color coding), a Gantt chart-like time planner (using Excel cells!), plus a pivot table and -chart.