Create Profields Excel reports from Jira

Profields is the project administration app for Jira that enables adding custom fields to projects, such as due dates, budgets and supervisors. It centralizes information that is project-dependent, not issue-dependent, but allows issues inherit that from their encompassing projects.

Better PDF Exporter can export the Profield managed information both in the context of projects and in the context of issues. Ultimately, Excel reporting on the Profields data gives project-, program- and portfolio managers more insight to manage, monitor and search across Jira projects.

Next steps

Export samples

Issues with Profields custom fields

This export contains Jira issues from multiple projects, with the Profields-managed data of their encompassing projects (column E-L). Note that the Profields values are exported to Excel with the precise data types (numbers, dates, etc.).


Projects with Profields custom fields

Not only issues, but also projects can be exported to Excel (using this technique). If you have a large number of Jira projects, it offers an easy way to search, share and transfer project information between stakeholders or IT systems.


Profields project report

You can also create powerful cross-project, program- and portfolio reports from Profields data to complement your Jira reporting. This example contains Excel pivot charts to visualize the project status distribution among projects, the project costs, and the relationship between those (cost by status).